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Friday, September 30, 2005

Knoll -- Research

Knoll -- Research

Knoll is committed to understanding the needs of our customers and to designing
products that address those needs. We engage in a broad range of research activities:

• Independent field studies
• Collaborations with customers, universities and industry associations
• Ongoing dialogue with experts from the fields of technology, architecture, design, organizational behavior, psychology and business management

All studies are headed by leading industry researcher Christine Barber,
Knoll Director of Workplace Research.

Five Workplace Myths
by Christine Barber
Brave New Workplace
by Christine Barber and Roger Yee
Loved The Office, Took The Job
by Christine Barber and Roger Yee

The Ceo Perspective
by Christine Barber
A New Generation At Work
by Christine Barber
21St Century Workplace
by Christine Barber and DYG Inc.
The Second Bottom Line
by DYG Inc.

Download Knoll Space Folio

Download Life LEED® credits PDF

Click here for full product information

Sustainable by Design

Sustainable by Design

The Canadian Demand For Office Furniture And Trends

New Tools and Methods in Furniture Design (PDF)
Furniture Research Reports (courtesy MSU)
A scientific analysis of chair construction (PDF)
This document presents a roadmap for integrating sustainable design (SD) at
US Department of Energy sites. Sustainable design is the ... for his championship
of the adoption of Sustainable Design in DOE and constant leadership ...
The Hannover Principles Design for Sustainability

[PDF] Teaching Sustainable Product Design
麻省理工學院「開放式課程網頁」 建築學 4.183 Sustainable Design ...

[PDF] Sustainable Design - How We Can Give More Back to the Environment ...

[PDF] Roundtable on Sustainable Design III: Measures of Sustainability
[PDF] Orchestrating Sustainable Design

Green Design Education
Green Design Index
Green Design / Sustainable Architecture Resources
Herman Miller Integrates Environment/Product Design (PDF)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

2005 NDA Winners

2005 National Design Awards June 15, 2005
Cooper-Hewitt Announces Honorees of the
2005 National Design Awards:
Press Release
Biographical Information

· Milton Glaser
· Amanda M. Burden
· Aveda Corporation
· Rick Joy
· Polshek Partnership
· William McDonough + Partners
· Yeohlee Teng
· Yves Béhar
· I. M. Pei
· Lella and Massimo Vignelli
· Gordon Segal
· Target
· Billie Tsien and Tod Williams
· Robert Greenberg
· Michael Van Valkenburg
· Tom Ford
· Herman Miller
· Dan Kiley
· Andre Balazs
· Geoffrey Beene
· Whirlpool Corporation
· Steven Holl
· Lucille Tenazas
· James Carpenter
· Niels Diffrient
· Robert Wilson
· Stanley Marcus
· Tupperware
· Peter Eisenman
· John Maeda
· Julie Bargmann of D.I.R.T. Studio
· David Kelley and IDEO
· Frank Gehry
· John Hejduk
· Morris Lapidus
· Apple
· Ralph Appelbaum
· Lawrence Halprin
· Paul MacCready

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
Museum devoted exclusively to the study of historical and
contemporary design. Located in New York, the museum
features applied arts and industrial design,
drawings and prints, textiles, and wallcoverings.

Design in the Creative Economy
I.D. Forty
MoMA's Architecture and Design Department tops this year's list of
design's 40 biggest influencers.
Best Companies Enterprises that push innovation

[PDF] fashion research methods school of fashion

Monday, September 26, 2005

Value by Design

Value by Design

[PDF] value news
the latest exciting developments from Philips Design in. the field of
wearable electronics trends research guru and Design Academy
Director Li Edelkoort and her team gave a 90-minute audio-visual presentation


[PDF] 6316BW PowerDesign2

[PDF] Informing Public Deliberation: Value Sensitive Design of ...

[PDF] 119-12 Cabe Value 2
How buildings and spaces create economical and social value.
The value of good design: public perception.

[PDF] Appendix 9 - Value Engineering in Design

[PDF] The Power of Value Nets

The Design of Research Studies : A Statistical Perspective (937 Kb)

Publications handbook and style manual

CADE 2004

Computers in Art & Design Education

CADE 2004 conference proceedings

Full Papers

A. L. Brooks
Enhanced gesture capture in virtual interactive space

T. Brooks, V. Kruger, and M. Guglielmi
A real-time tracking environment towards cross modal applications
in public installations and education

S. Bucolo and M. Brereton
Design activity within immersive design environments

Y. Burke
Digital tools and personal engagement in interactive narrative design

S. Downs
Is it a book? Is it a screen? No it’s … Graphics and the interface in
electronic paper

G. Iacucci , P. Linde, and I. Wagner
Exploring relationships between learning, artifacts, physical space, and computing

R. H. Jensen and T. U. Lenskjold
Designing for social friction: Exploring ubiquitous computing as means of
cultural interventions in urban space

R. Mazé and J. Redström
Form and the computational object

A. D. Peacock
Signs of telling: narrative voice and the interactive

J. Restrepo, H. Christiaans, and W. S. Green
Give me an example: Supporting the creative designer

F. Rosella
Identity Service: a future service for collecting, storing and communicating
personal identity, expressed through wearable interfaces

G. Strom
How to write small stories and big novels and the computer tools needed for doing it

H. Sundholm, R. Ramberg, and H. Artman
Learning conceptual design: Collaborative activities with electronic whiteboards

L. Thorlacius
Aesthetics and function in web design

P. Waters and A. Rowe
Audio-visual interactive software for developing narrative environments

Short Papers

K. Anderson, A. Dittlau and K. Funkel

S. Jacobsson and D. Gomez
Shadowplay – Lighting in different computer game genres

K. Koivunen, S. Kukkonen, S. Lahtinen, H. Rantala, and S. Sharmin
Towards Deeper Understanding of How People Perceive Design in Products

B. Nakel Andersen, M. Terp Mester and L. Kristensen
A heuristic evaluation – Stuck between aesthetics and commercialization?

Conference Booklet

The conference booklet is an 87-pages-long document containing
the abstracts to all the papers, workshop descriptions, and art pieces
that conformed CADE 2004.
Download either the print ready version [PDF-51.55MB]
or the screen version of the document [PDF-2.44MB].
Internet-Based Product Concept Testing
Towards Deeper Understanding of How People Perceive
Design in Products

Design for Entrepreneurship

Design for Entrepreneurship -- Design for Innovation

The conference is about the possibilities and limitations of design.
We explore the relationship between design and entrepreneurial
influences of different kinds.

October 20-21
Växjö University 2005
Download the program >> (pdf)

Full paper

Design as a State of Mind: Design, Aesthetics and Management (pdf)
Teresa Digerfeldt Månsson, Phd Candidate, Stockholm University

Corporate Innovation and Design Outsourcing Stategy
Sai Hee Kim, Phd Researcher, Brunel University
Bo Young Kim, Team Manager, IDS & Associates Consulting

Institutions as External Limiting Factors of Design for Innovation: The Case of Innovative Public Procurement
Max Rolfstam, Phd Candidate, Dept of Design Sciences,
Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University

Designing entreprenership - a task for university business incubators?
Marie Strid, Phd Candidate,
Chalmers University of Tehnology , School of Architecture

Creating shared experiences and aims among stakeholders in a design process
Bo Westerlund, Kalmar University and Institute of Technology in Stockholm

Design as a tool to communicate soft values
Renate Åkerhielm, Ph D and Hans Zimmerlund, PhD Candidate
Södertörn University College

Knowledge Based Creativity - Innovation entrepreneurship and design in an academic environment Misja Barnow, M Arc , Birgitte Geert Jensen,
Ass prof Aarhus School of Architecture

Design to open or limit entrepreneurial thinking
Lisbeth Birgersson, Ass Professor, Saddek Rehal, Tech.Dr
Chalmers University of Tehnology, School of Architecture

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Literature Review

What is a Literature Review?


[PDF] From: Hart, Christ (1998) Doing a literature review London, Sage

[PDF] New Lit. Review
What is a Literature Review?

[PDF] Doing a Literature Review (512-322)

[PDF] Writing a Psychology Literature Review

[PDF] Science Inquiry for the Classroom: A Literature Review


[PDF] Evaluating Technology and Instruction: Literature Review and ...

Doing the arts justice (PDF 624kb)

[PDF] The best method for presentation of research results in theses and ...;docid=1946
How to cite an Electronic Journal

Doing a Literature Review (Psychology)
View PDF

[PDF] Literature Reviews

[PDF] How to get a PhD

[PDF] Literature review

Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence

[PDF] Ambient Intelligence
Ambient intelligence involves the convergence of several ... Intelligence in 2010.


[PDF] Science and Technology Roadmapping: Ambient Intelligence in ...

[PDF] Social, Economic, and Ethical Implications of Ambient Intelligence ...

[PDF] Ambient Intelligence in HomeLab

[PDF] Work Shop: Lost in Ambient Intelligence?

[PDF] 3 Optimal Experience in Ambient Intelligence

[PDF] Ambient Intelligence in Everyday Life: Housing Petteri Alahuhta ...

[PDF] Interactive Experience Group

MIT OpenCourseWare Media Arts and Sciences MAS.963 Ambient ...
"Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010." (PDF). 2, Tangible and Ambient Interfaces,
Tangible Interfaces Ishii, H. "Tangible Bits." CHI '97. Ambient Interfaces "
Ambient Interfaces: Design Challenges and Recommendations. ...

[PDF] Smart Expositions: The Ambient Intelligence Experience

[PDF] Why Do I Want Ambient Intelligence?

[PDF] Ambient Intelligence for the networked home environment

[PDF] Ambient Intelligence: The Vision of Information Society

[PDF] Interacting with the Ambience: Multimodal Interaction and Ambient ...

[PDF] Ambient Intelligence: Towards Smart Appliance Ensembles

[PDF] Sculpting Home Atmospheres

[PDF] Conversations for Ambient Intelligence

[PDF] A Context Framework for Ambient Intelligence

[PDF] Consumption, Packaging, Design Trends

[PDF] A social and technological view of Ambient Intelligence in ...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Design Mindfulness

Design Mindfulness

[PDF] bring your “right brain” to work!

[PDF] Design as Advantage No. 1: The Design + Identity50
Tom's Peters on design as a strategic advantage (.pdf file)


[PDF] Design/Dasein: An Investigation into Design Being

LukeW: Interface Design Articles & Papers

[PDF] ChoosingaCompany ’sBuildingDesign



Visualizing Research: a guide to the research process in art

Pathways to Innovation in Digital Culture

Bloom's Ranking of Thinking Skills
Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation
List Name Identify Show Define Recognize Recall State Visualize
Summarize Explain Interpret Describe Compare Paraphrase
Differentiate Demonstrate Classify Solve Illustrate Calculate
Use Interpret Relate Manipulate Apply Modify Analyze Organize
Deduce Contrast Compare Distinguish Discuss Plan Devise
Design Hypothesize Support Schematize Write Report Justify
Evaluate Choose Estimate Judge Defend Criticize
In Bloom's Taxonomy, the acts of recalling and reporting knowledge
are seen as less sophisticated than the alternatives of translating
information into new forms, applying it to new contexts, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating it.

Digital Artist Blog: PhD

[PDF] Chapter 1: Introduction to the study of the performative object

[PDF] Designer-moderated product design

Overview of disruptive innovation - HBS Working knowledge

Dave Pollard's "Ten Most Important Ideas of 2004 : Business & The Economy"

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

History of Industrial Design

History of Industrial design

UTS_Library - Industrial Design

[PDF] BS Industrial Design daap uc

[PDF] Ecological Sustainability in Australian Industrial Design Education

IDSA -- About IDSA

[PDF] the periodic function of 20 century Design

Industrial & Product Design

[PDF] Product, Engineering & Industrial Design

[PDF] Building an Industrial Design Doctoral Degree in an “Umbrella”

[PDF] Twentieth Century Limited: Industrial Design in America, 1925-1939

[PDF] Industrial Design Pratt


Swedish Design PDF (screen)
Publication date: August 2005

Corporate Design Foundation - Case studies

Urban Design Berkeley

[PDF] Whatever Happened to Total Design?

[PDF] The History of Computing in the History of Technology

Monday, September 19, 2005

Narrative Design

Narrative Intelligence

[PDF] a thread of continuity
Sensing and Modeling Human Networks
By Tanzeem Khalid Choudhury


[PDF] From Seduction to Fulfillment: The Use of Anthropomorphic Form

[PDF] An Annotated Bibliography of Affective Natural Language Generation

The Role of Metaphor in Interaction Design

[PDF] My Social Fabric
The work in this thesis evolved through a number of design and
exploratory phases with each one. informing on and influencing the ... Motivated by my interest todesign through a metaphor, the Flower
interfaces below depict a scene ...(draft)
Defining Phenomena for an Emotion State Model in the Human Interface

A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology

[PDF] Narrative Expressive Space

[PDF] Collective Creativity

[PDF] Industrial Design to Experience Design

Design plus Research

Design Plus Research
Growing a knowledge
International symposium on the dimensions of industrial design research
May 18-20, 2000
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

A context
- What is the nature and purpose of industrial design research?
- Is industrial design research distinguished from other fields of research?
- What can this research achieve?
- What methods and resources does it involve?
- How can design research generate new knowledge and skills?
- What is the relationship of industrial design research to design practice?
- Which are the academic or professional profiles for an industrial design researcher?


(i) Research cultures

The critical reflection on the state of art:
the dimension of the historical research in design,
the dimension of the critical and theoretical reflection,
the dimension of the empirical/experimental research.

The projection on crucial questions:
generalisms and specialisms,
industrial design as a field of enquiry,
industrial design research as the condition for disciplinary knowledge,
design discipline versus design science.

(ii) Research models and practice

Search: the uncodified practices of research.
Research: models of structured research.

(iii) Research perspectives

Perspectives on the nature of design research:
on design as a context of interdisciplinary convergence,
on design as a driving force, on design as a specialistic knowledge.

Perspectives on the practice of design research:
on design as a collaborative practice,
on design as a learning-by-interacting,
on design as a specialistic practice.

Toward a research culture

Theory-centered approach

User-centered approach

Education-centered approach

Innovation-centered approach

Context-centered approach

5ead Design Wisdom

5th European Academy of Design

Disseny, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

Still Rethinking Design

Design for people in need

The users centred approach

Design Explaining Sustainability

Design aesthetics: die frage über technik

Design self understanding. The aesthetic of technology.

Techné's strategic nature

Applied research, practice based research: case studies

Design pedagogy: basic design and academic experiences

Showing research outcomes

Design management

Design management: branding

Architecture about Architecture

Gender Matters

Design and Fashion curating

Keynote Speakers


Frog Design

Adaptation, Personalisation and 'Self-Centred' Design

Frog Design
DTI Global Watch Service Annual Report 2005
Global Watch magazine now available
In the Making -- The First Nordic Design Research Conference

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Design Strategy

Design Strategy

The Institute of Design Strategy Conference
May 18-19, 2005


About, With and For Conference, October 28-29, 2005

The Design for the New China Markets Conference

[PDF] Cross-cultural Interface Design Strategy

[PDF] Exploratories: An Educational Strategy for the 21st Century

[PDF] Creating Imaginable Futures: Using Human-Centered Design

[PDF] Creating Imaginable Futures: Using Design Strategy as a Foresight Tool

Innovation: Design Strategy, Creativity, Research, and Success Metrics

The_Brand_Gap.pdf pp162 3.27 MB.

Design Schools

Designers -- Occupational Outlook Handbook

What is ID Career Brochure (PDF)
All You Ever Needed to Know You Learned in...1000 words for design students
by Allan Chochinov

100 Years of Design
100 Years of Design consists of excerpts from a book
by Carroll M. Gantz, FIDSA, published by Schiffer Publications, Ltd.
Design Chronicles: Significant Mass-Produced Designs of the 20th Century
The Industrial Design Excellence Awards are dedicated to fostering business
and public understanding of the importance of industrial design excellence to
the quality of life and the economy.

Bachelor studies in Delft > Industrial Design Engineering > Master programmes,1918,4550
The University of Art and Design UIAH

Art Center College of Design : Leading by Design
Art Center College of Design is recognized as one of the world's foremost institutions
for art and design education. It has assumed a leadership role in the development of
new digital media.

Royal College of Art
Wholly postgraduate university of art, design and communications.
Provides details of history, schools and courses, exhibitions and events.

Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
This unique educational and research facility - set in Ivrea, Italy in 2001 -focuses on
the new ways people will interact with each other through computersand networks,
products and services.
Design at Carnegie Mellon

Friday, September 16, 2005

Design Innovation

Design Innovation

[PDF] New Directions in Design Cognition: Studies of Representation and

[PDF] Design Research for Sustained Innovation

[PDF] THE ART OF INNOVATION A Look Inside Microsoft Hardware Design

The continuum of design education for engineering

Design and technology in a knowledge economy

Assessing Design InnovationRichard Kimbell
Value Creation by Toolkits for User Innovation and Design:
The Case of the Watch Market


[PDF] Successive cycles of innovation: the importance of user heterogeneity

[PDF] What are Innovation, Creativity and Design

[PDF] Capturing Innovation
Innovation as Evolution
Case of Study: Phylomemetic of Cellphone Designs

Thursday, September 15, 2005

IIT Design Research

IIT Design Research

Owen, Charles
"Design Thinking: What It Is, Why It Is Different, Where It Has New Value". The International Conference on Design Research and Education for the Future (South Korea: 2005).
[pdf - 1MB]

Schauer, Brandon et al
"Perspectives on Design and Strategy." Interviews from the Institute of Design Strategy Conference (Chicago, Illinois: 2005).
[pdf - 153k] (excerpt only)

Owen, Charles
"Societal Responsibilities: Growing the Role of Design." Proceedings of the International Conference on Planning and Design. (Tainan, Taiwan: 2005).
[pdf - 3.3MB]

Owen, Charles
"Responsible Design: Achieving Living Excellence: Implications, Warnings and a Call to Action." Proceedings of eDesign2004: International Conference on Environmental Design for Living Excellence. (Selangor, Malaysia: 2004).
[pdf - 5.5MB]

Kumar, Vijay
"Innovation Planning Toolkit." Proceedings of the FutureGround Design Research Society International Conference (Melbourne: 2004).
[pdf - 392k]

Owen, Charles
"What Is Design? Some Questions and Answers." Institute of Design White Paper (Chicago, 2004).
[pdf - 164k]

Conley, Chris
"Leveraging Design's Core Competencies." The Design Management Review, vol. 15, no. 3 (Summer 2004, Design Management Institute -
[pdf - 110k]

Kumar, Vijay and Patrick Whitney
"Faster, Cheaper, Deeper User Research." Design Management Journal (Spring 2003): 50-57.
[pdf - 621k]

[PDF] A Comparative Study of Three Design Research Methods

[PDF] Arts Education and Instrumental Outcomes

[PDF] THE iLOFT PROJECT Design Research Methods

[PDF] User-Centred Design Research Methods: The Designer’s Perspective

Research methods and resources (University of York Library)

[PDF] A Short Bibliography on Qualitative Methods

[PDF] Design Research: Methods and Perspectives Edited by Brenda Laurel

Monday, September 12, 2005

Citation Guide

Citation Guide for HBS Students

個人創造力歷程之研究 — 動機理論之整合觀點
本研究欲透過對動機理論的整合,並依循哈佛學者Teresa M. Amabile的創造力研究歷程,將動機的概念與創造力相互結合,以建構出個人創造力歷程模型。研究模型包含組織環境、知覺歷程、動機、行為及行為結果五個構面。


[PDF] Research on Creativity and Innovation: Impact of the Work Environment

[PDF] Ecologies of Innovation
The Consequences of Innovation by Bann Seng Tan
EDUCATION by Nicolas Beucker

[PDF] People and everyday life oriented design

[PDF] Slide 1
business needs the development of efficient innovation transfer. systems andthe innovation environment of design. 15.03.2005 Juha Järvinen director Designium

Architecture in Consumer SocietyAntti Ahlava

Co-ExperienceKatja Battarbee

Industrial Design as a Culturally Reflexive Activity in ManufacturingJuha Järvinen, Ilpo Koskinen

Strategic Questions in the Development of Interactive Television ProgramsKari Jääskeläinen

Karjalainen, Toni-MattiSemantic Transformation in DesignCommunicating strategic brand identity through product design references
ISBN 951-558-156-7 35€

Vihma, SusannProducts as RepresentationsA Semiotic and Aesthetic Study of Design Products
ISBN 951-9384-89-8

Interaction Design

Interaction Design

[PDF] Microsoft PowerPoint - experienceLanguages
Experience design languages Interaction Design Institute Ivrea John Rheinfrank andShelley Evenson. 44. 4 March 2004.

[PDF] Microsoft PowerPoint - adaptiveIvrea
From static to adaptive worlds Interaction Design Institute Ivrea JohnRheinfrank and Shelley Evenson. 1. 4 March 2004.

[PDF] Shelley Evenson
LOOP: This field is so new that most of us who are now ... SHELLEY EVENSON:Customer Experience Architect,. LOOP: So just to clarify,…
The Role of Metaphor in Interaction Design
W18. Designing Technology for Community Appropriation
Shelley Evenson School of Design Carnegie Mellon University
Discovering and Extracting Knowledge in the Design Project
marc rettig, Inetraction Design History.
How to run a design critique? By Scott Berkun, January 2003.
Making Meaning: The Business of Experience Design

Sunday, September 11, 2005


May 29 – 31 2005, Copenhagen Denmark

Paper session {A1} New approaches to materiality/critical design
Session chairs: Frans Mayra and Ida Engholm
Erratic Appliances and Energy Awareness {Anders Ernevi, Samuel Palm and Johan Redström}
Metamorphosis of the Home: Proactive Information Technology as a Design Challenge {Kristo Kuusela, Ilpo Koskinen, Frans Mäyrä, Anne Soronen}
PulsArt - IT, Salt and Water For Family Awareness {Jonas Fritsch, Maiken Hillerup Fogtmann and Henrik Sommer Poulsen}
Binary Tools {Tavs Jorgensen}
Engaged Collaborative Ideation supported through Material Catalysation {Jan Capjon}

Paper session {A2} Changing role of design
Session chairs: Peter Ullmark and Susann Vihma
Design as Seven Steps of Deterritorialization {Erik Werner Petersen}
Six decades - and six different roles for the industrial designer {Anna Valtonen}
If everything is design, what then is a designer? {Sara Ilstedt Hjelm}
What type now? {Liam McComish}

Paper session {B1} Emerging patterns
Session chairs: Judith Gregory and Ramia Mazé
Shift towards networks: integrating social and physical subsystems of the city through stratified models {ir. Jeroen van Schaick}
Inspirational patterns for embodied interaction {Jonas Löwgren}
Focussing on the Use Value -The Relevance of Urban and Regional Design for Society {Ina T.Klaasen}
Webgenres and - styles as socio-cultural indicators - an experimental, interdisciplinary dialogue {Ida Engholm and Karen Lisa Salamon}

Paper session {B2} Design & Research
Session chairs: Pelle Ehn and Ken Friedman
Why Research-oriented Design Isn't Design-oriented Research {Daniel Fallman}
Knowing Through Making: The Role of the Artefact in Practise-Based Research {Maarit Mäkelä}
Architectural project and research {Katrine Lotz}
Knowledge in the making: practitioner-driven systems development in a community {Anna-Liisa Syrjänen}

Paper session {C1} The role of the artifact
Session chairs: Sara Ilstedt Hjelm and Merete Ahnfeldt-Mollerup
How tangible mock-ups support design collaboration {Eva Brandt}
The affective sustainability of objects; a search for causal connections {Kristina Börjesson}
Restless Landscapes {Mark Smout and Laura Allen}
The Methapfor, the Dichotomy and the Narrative {Thomas Arvid Jaeger}

Paper session {C2} Studying design practice
Session chairs: Ilpo Koskinen and Karen Lisa Salamon
Drawing lines through the invisibles: Mapping and reframing visibility of work through an ethnographic study {Larisa Sitorus}
A methodology for studying design cognition in the real world {Bo T. Christensen}
Interaction Design as Experienced by Practitioners {Ann Lantz, Henrik Artman and Robert Ramberg}
New design competences for localized production systems: a case study in Denmark {Kaare Eriksen and Nicola Morelli}
Design as a way of bringing a service brand to life: the design dimension in brand development {Joacim Andersson}

Paper session {C3} Design education
Session chairs: Peter Ullmark and Mike Stott
From Practice to Reflection and on to Reflexivity {Maziar Raein}
Designs for learning about film spectatorship {Andrew Morrison, Andrew Deacon and Jane Stadler}
Emerging Dynamics in Design Education: Integrating Theory and Practice as Design in the Making {Tiiu Poldma}
Teaching design research in the studio {Ben Matthews and Jacob Buur}
Collaboration and Communication in Design Games {Willem Horst and Vicki S¢rensen}
Educating interaction designers - how are new tools for design changing learning situations? {Annett Hillestad}

Paper session {C4} User studies (methods)
Session chairs: Hálldor Gíslason and Dagny Stuedahl
Utilizing End User Knowledge in the Designing of Intelligent Workwear {Jukka Mäyrä, Riikka Matala and Petra Falin}
Grounded Information for Responsive Designing: An Example of the Physical Environment of Work {Stephen Awoniyi}
Situated Research and Design for Everyday Life {Bodil Jönsson, Arne Svensk, Lone Malmborg, Peter Anderberg, Gunilla Brattberg, Björn Breidegard, Håkan Eftring, Henrik Enquist, Eva Flodin, Jörgen Gustafsson, Charlotte Magnusson, Eve Mandre, Camilla Nordgren, Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn}
Exploring how user video supports design {Jason Moore and Jacob Buur}
An Anthropological Move Towards Tangible Interaction Design {Mads Vedel Jensen}

Paper session {D1} Design methods
Session chairs: Judith Gregory and Jacob Buur
Representing product personality in relation to materials in a product design problem {Ilse van Kesteren, Pieter Jan Stappers and Prabhu Kandacha}
Quality Clothes - An Outline of a Model for Assessing the Quality of Customized Clothing {Ritva Koskennurmi-Sivonen and Päivikki Pietarila}
Information Graphics as an active tool during the Interaction Design process {Santiago Barriga Amaya and Lisa Hultgren}
Indigenous Design: healthcare professional using self-produced video in articulating and developing work practices {Erling Bjørgvinsson and Per-Anders Hillgren}

Paper session {D2} Facilitating collaboration (methods)
Session chairs: Ramia Mazé and Pelle Ehn
Design space conceptual tool {Bo Westerlund}
The Customer Interaction Game {Elisabeth Kristina Svanqvist}
A student, a product, a process: a fresh look at 'design games' in the Habraken tradition {Brendon Clark and Sofie Widding}
The development of a visual design tool: VisionPool {Jannick Kirk Sørensen}

Paper session {D3} Design and space
Session chairs: Katrine Lotz and Ilpo Koskinen
Researching the Visual Qualities of Exhibition Design through Experimental and Cross-Disciplinary Methods {Outi Turpeinen}
[visklek] - Playing with Games {Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl}
"Live at Epidemin"- a cinematic investigation of architectonic space and artistic practice within a public institution of contemporary art {Henric Benesch}
Promoting Energy Awareness through Interventions in Public Space {Margot Jacobs and Ulrika Löfgren}
Prototypes in Pinkenba {Gary Doherty}

Paper session {D4} Design discourses and social processes
Session chairs: Karen Lisa Salamon and Susann Vihma
Domestication and context: Studying objectification in print media {Sara Routarinne}
Social process and product's domestication {Heidi Grönman}
Verbal communication of semantic content in products {Torben Lenau and Per Boelskifte}
The salient features of the clock - a functional semiotic design analysis of relevance to digital design {Toke Riis Ebbesen}
Products and practices. Selected concepts from science and technology studies and from social theories of consumption and practice {Elizabeth Shove, Matt Watson and Jack Ingram}
Transdiscipline Vs. Culture Loss {Erika Marlene Cortés López}
In the making colloquiumDesign: Sketching, modeling and collaborating
Using Virtual Prototype for Cross-Cultural Visual Design {Andrea Castello Branco Júdice and Marcelo Ortega Júdice}
The influence of 3D modeling and rapid prototyping techniques on customized objects in industrial design {Isabelle Auclair, Philippe Lalande and Tomás Dorta}
Rumpelstiltskin in Traditional and New Digital Media {Christine Blaney}

Emotional design and reflective education
Cultural probes {Per Kristav}
Energy objects: Reflection through interaction {Mattias Ludvigsson}
What`s the fuss with emotional interaction {Stefania Anardottir, Anne Sofie Jørgensen, Swantje Pyrus, Yin Yue, Marie Hartmann, Kyle Kilbourn and Dovilè Valkauskaitè}
From Novice to Expert: The Iterative Travails of a Hatching Design Practitioner (A Panoramic Overview) {Hakeem Adebola Lawal}
I'll be your mirror {Jon Mårtensson}
Design research strategies tutorialEthnographic design research
Negotiating work: An Individual and Collaborative Process Within Teams to Define What They Do {Kyle Kilbourn}

Design protocol studies
Match the Space to the Case {Dennis Nordstrøm, Lyle Clarke and Stefania Arnadottir}

Action research
Moving from servile actors to... {Søren Bolvig Hansen}
Designing experimental design - moving in, moving out {John Alphonse, Christina Mörtberg and Dagny Stuedahl}

Research through design
Relating theory and practice in the design research discourse {Hanna Landin}
User-Centred Innovation tutorial
Visionpool: A Visual Tool for Innovation {Villads Keiding}
Design Cases Exhibition
Don't Destroy the Vitamins! - A Look at the "Tada" Microwave from Several Perspectives {Kyle Kilbourn}
Single Mingle {Senses and Sensors group, Interaction design students at Malmoe University, Sweden}
iBikt {Senses and Sensors group, Interaction design students at Malmoe University, Sweden}
SANS-Boxes {Senses and Sensors group, Interaction design students at Malmoe University, Sweden}
The Involuntary Dance Machine {Senses and Sensors group, Interaction design students at Malmoe University, Sweden}
BoardFamily - design ethics questions around a collaborative online community {Daniel Spikol}
BodyBug - Design of KinAesthetic Interaction {Jin Moen and Johan Sandsjö}
Designing Selfhood: Incorporating Science and Technology into the Female Identity Through Narrative Immersion and Role-Playing {Sue Nguyen}
A metaphor approach to exhibition design {Tandi Camilla Agrell}
The CARE paper - Collaborative articulation in rehabilitation after hand surgery {Per Linde, Stefan Olofsson, Thomas Sokoler, Jonas Löwgren and Mette Agger Eriksen}
Of Machines and Man: Exploring Growth and Decay of Movement for Interaction Design {Larisa Sitorus and Esti Utami Handarini}
PearlView: Non-Disruptive Hyper-List Browsing {Carlos Olguin and Anna Almberg}
Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool for Construction Vehicle Driver {Low Ko Wee}

Design Books

The New Design Source Book
Author(s): Sparke, Penny; Hodges, Felice; Coad, Emma Dent;
Stone, Anne; Aldersey-Williams, Hugh
ISBN: 1577150163
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 1/1/1997
Publisher(s): Book Sales
Synopsis: "The Design Source Book" has been widely used in university
design courses for many years. This new, updated volume begins with
the 1850's Arts and Crafts movement and includes today's use of
computer design techniques. The best of architecture, automobiles, furniture,
and fashion are pictured in a movement-by-movement, country-by-country,
full-color survey. A marvel of design itself, the book pictures and explains
the movements which have influenced our ideas and shaped our way of living.

A Century of Design: Design Pioneers of the 20th Century
Author(s): Sparke, Penny
ISBN: 0764151223
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 8/1/1998
Publisher(s): Barrons Educational Series Inc
Synopsis: Focusing on the unique history of design during the 20th century,
this book is as beautiful to look at as it is exciting to read. It contains more than
580 color photographs covering a wide spectrum of objects from furniture, glass,
ceramics, and metalware to industrial products and household appliances.

Introduction to Design and Culture: 1900 To the Present
Edition: 2nd - Author(s): Sparke, Penny
ISBN: 0415263360
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 7/13/2004Publisher(s): Routledge

Interior Design and Identity
Author(s): MCKELLAR, SUSIE; Sparke, Penny
ISBN: 0719067294
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 11/15/2004
Publisher(s): Palgrave Macmillan

Product Design
by Michael Erlhoff (Introduction) (Hardcover)

Industrial Design
by Peter Fiell, et al (Paperback - November 2003)
Buy new: $9.99

Design Secrets: Products 2: 50 Real-Life Projects Uncovered
by Lynn Haller, et al (Hardcover)
Buy new: $31.50

Becoming a Product Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design
by Bruce Hannah, Bruce Hannah (Paperback)
Buy new: $22.05

The Industrial Design Reader
by Carma Gorman (Editor), Carma R. Gorman (Editor) (Paperback)
Buy new: $13.57

Design Secrets: Products : 50 Real-Life Projects Uncovered (Design Secrets Series)
by Industrial Designers Society of America (Paperback)
Buy new: $18.90

Industrial Design
by Raymond Loewy (Paperback)
Buy new: $26.40

Product Design and Development
by Karl Ulrich, Steven Eppinger (Hardcover)
Buy new: $110.94

Materials and Design: The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design
by Michael Ashby, Kara Johnson (Paperback - December 2002)
Buy new: $29.69

Industrial Design (World of Art)
by John Heskett (Paperback)
Buy new: $11.53

Emotional Design: Why We Love (Or Hate) Everyday Things
by Donald A. Norman
Used & new from $8.33

The Design of Everyday Things
by Donald A. Norman (Paperback - September 2002)
Buy new: $11.53

Designing for People
by Henry Dreyfuss, Earl Powell (Contributor) (Paperback)
Buy new: $14.93

Appledesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group
by Paul Kunkel, Rick English (Photographer) (Paperback)
Used & new from $128.00

The Design Encyclopedia
by Mel Byars, Terence Riley (Foreword) (Hardcover)
Buy new: $40.95

Design History: An Anthology
by Dennis P. Doordan (Editor) (Paperback)
Buy new: $27.00

A History of Graphic Design
by Philip Meggs (Hardcover)
Buy new: $65.70

History of Modern Design (Trade Version)
by David Raizman, Laurence Pu King (Paperback)
Buy new: $25.52

A History of Interior Design
by John Pile (Hardcover)
Buy new: $72.00

Landscape Design: A Cultural and Architectural History
by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers (Hardcover)
Used & new from $37.50

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Artifact Directory

Artifact Directory
Home > Design > Industrial design
The 6th international conference of the European Academy of Design,
March 29-31 2005, University of the Arts, Bremen, Germany.

Expertise in Design 2003: Accepted PapersExpertise in Design.
Design Thinking Research Symposium 6.
hosted by Creativity and Cognition Studios.
University of Technology, Sydney. Australia. 17-19 November 2003.
2003 IDSA National Education Conference

[PDF] Business Start-up Guide 2003 for designers

Friday, September 09, 2005

Design Magazines

Design Magazines

Design Issues
The first American academic journal to examine design history, theory, andcriticism, Design Issues provokes inquiry into the cultural andintellectual issues surrounding design.

Design Studies
The international journal for design research in engineering, architecture,products and systems. Published by Elsevier Science.Design Studies is published in co-operation with the Design ResearchSociety. For more information about the society, visit their web site at

The principal subjects covered are: architecture, industrial design, furniture design, interior design, ligthing design, enviromental design, and its historical and theoretical aspects.

High-modernist review of contemporary German design with long well-illustrated articles, profiles, interviews, book and exhibition reviews of new products, conference reports, and news of current and forthcoming exhibitions, conferences and seminars. 4 Issues a year, German and English.

I.D. - International Design
ID's coverage is international but biased towards the USA. Contains long, well illustrated articles, profiles, interviews, book and exhibition reviews, a listing of current and forthcoming exhibitions, conferences and competitions, conference reports…

Interior Design
Every issue of Interior Design offers a variety of outstanding installations as well as contract and residential products, news, technology and more. Interior Design offers the most editorial pages of any publication in the field.

Metropolis examines contemporary life through design--architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning, and preservation. Subjects range from the sprawling urban environment to intimate living spaces to small objects of everyday use.

IDSA -- Innovation
Innovation, IDSA's quarterly design journal. Selected articles from pastissues are available in .pdf format below. Additionally, look at our Innovationindex for past issues…

Innovation: Design Strategy, Creativity, Research, and Success Metrics
Innovation: Spring 2005. Selected articles from the latest issue of the quarterlyjournal of IDSA. AWARDS. 2005 IDEA Winners ... ICSID Newsletter. Download in PDFformat the latest ICSID newsletter.

Design Research Society Mailing List
This list covers research in the following fields: architecture, industrial design, engineering design, three dimensional design, fashion / textiles design and visual communications.
Send an email message the 'subject' line blank ie. press 'return')
Type a message which reads:JOIN DESIGN-RESEARCH yourFirstName yourLastName
DRS Archive:
and at their homepage