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Monday, September 26, 2005

CADE 2004

Computers in Art & Design Education

CADE 2004 conference proceedings

Full Papers

A. L. Brooks
Enhanced gesture capture in virtual interactive space

T. Brooks, V. Kruger, and M. Guglielmi
A real-time tracking environment towards cross modal applications
in public installations and education

S. Bucolo and M. Brereton
Design activity within immersive design environments

Y. Burke
Digital tools and personal engagement in interactive narrative design

S. Downs
Is it a book? Is it a screen? No it’s … Graphics and the interface in
electronic paper

G. Iacucci , P. Linde, and I. Wagner
Exploring relationships between learning, artifacts, physical space, and computing

R. H. Jensen and T. U. Lenskjold
Designing for social friction: Exploring ubiquitous computing as means of
cultural interventions in urban space

R. Mazé and J. Redström
Form and the computational object

A. D. Peacock
Signs of telling: narrative voice and the interactive

J. Restrepo, H. Christiaans, and W. S. Green
Give me an example: Supporting the creative designer

F. Rosella
Identity Service: a future service for collecting, storing and communicating
personal identity, expressed through wearable interfaces

G. Strom
How to write small stories and big novels and the computer tools needed for doing it

H. Sundholm, R. Ramberg, and H. Artman
Learning conceptual design: Collaborative activities with electronic whiteboards

L. Thorlacius
Aesthetics and function in web design

P. Waters and A. Rowe
Audio-visual interactive software for developing narrative environments

Short Papers

K. Anderson, A. Dittlau and K. Funkel

S. Jacobsson and D. Gomez
Shadowplay – Lighting in different computer game genres

K. Koivunen, S. Kukkonen, S. Lahtinen, H. Rantala, and S. Sharmin
Towards Deeper Understanding of How People Perceive Design in Products

B. Nakel Andersen, M. Terp Mester and L. Kristensen
A heuristic evaluation – Stuck between aesthetics and commercialization?

Conference Booklet

The conference booklet is an 87-pages-long document containing
the abstracts to all the papers, workshop descriptions, and art pieces
that conformed CADE 2004.
Download either the print ready version [PDF-51.55MB]
or the screen version of the document [PDF-2.44MB].
Internet-Based Product Concept Testing
Towards Deeper Understanding of How People Perceive
Design in Products


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