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Monday, September 19, 2005

Design plus Research

Design Plus Research
Growing a knowledge
International symposium on the dimensions of industrial design research
May 18-20, 2000
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

A context
- What is the nature and purpose of industrial design research?
- Is industrial design research distinguished from other fields of research?
- What can this research achieve?
- What methods and resources does it involve?
- How can design research generate new knowledge and skills?
- What is the relationship of industrial design research to design practice?
- Which are the academic or professional profiles for an industrial design researcher?


(i) Research cultures

The critical reflection on the state of art:
the dimension of the historical research in design,
the dimension of the critical and theoretical reflection,
the dimension of the empirical/experimental research.

The projection on crucial questions:
generalisms and specialisms,
industrial design as a field of enquiry,
industrial design research as the condition for disciplinary knowledge,
design discipline versus design science.

(ii) Research models and practice

Search: the uncodified practices of research.
Research: models of structured research.

(iii) Research perspectives

Perspectives on the nature of design research:
on design as a context of interdisciplinary convergence,
on design as a driving force, on design as a specialistic knowledge.

Perspectives on the practice of design research:
on design as a collaborative practice,
on design as a learning-by-interacting,
on design as a specialistic practice.

Toward a research culture

Theory-centered approach

User-centered approach

Education-centered approach

Innovation-centered approach

Context-centered approach


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