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Sunday, September 11, 2005


May 29 – 31 2005, Copenhagen Denmark

Paper session {A1} New approaches to materiality/critical design
Session chairs: Frans Mayra and Ida Engholm
Erratic Appliances and Energy Awareness {Anders Ernevi, Samuel Palm and Johan Redström}
Metamorphosis of the Home: Proactive Information Technology as a Design Challenge {Kristo Kuusela, Ilpo Koskinen, Frans Mäyrä, Anne Soronen}
PulsArt - IT, Salt and Water For Family Awareness {Jonas Fritsch, Maiken Hillerup Fogtmann and Henrik Sommer Poulsen}
Binary Tools {Tavs Jorgensen}
Engaged Collaborative Ideation supported through Material Catalysation {Jan Capjon}

Paper session {A2} Changing role of design
Session chairs: Peter Ullmark and Susann Vihma
Design as Seven Steps of Deterritorialization {Erik Werner Petersen}
Six decades - and six different roles for the industrial designer {Anna Valtonen}
If everything is design, what then is a designer? {Sara Ilstedt Hjelm}
What type now? {Liam McComish}

Paper session {B1} Emerging patterns
Session chairs: Judith Gregory and Ramia Mazé
Shift towards networks: integrating social and physical subsystems of the city through stratified models {ir. Jeroen van Schaick}
Inspirational patterns for embodied interaction {Jonas Löwgren}
Focussing on the Use Value -The Relevance of Urban and Regional Design for Society {Ina T.Klaasen}
Webgenres and - styles as socio-cultural indicators - an experimental, interdisciplinary dialogue {Ida Engholm and Karen Lisa Salamon}

Paper session {B2} Design & Research
Session chairs: Pelle Ehn and Ken Friedman
Why Research-oriented Design Isn't Design-oriented Research {Daniel Fallman}
Knowing Through Making: The Role of the Artefact in Practise-Based Research {Maarit Mäkelä}
Architectural project and research {Katrine Lotz}
Knowledge in the making: practitioner-driven systems development in a community {Anna-Liisa Syrjänen}

Paper session {C1} The role of the artifact
Session chairs: Sara Ilstedt Hjelm and Merete Ahnfeldt-Mollerup
How tangible mock-ups support design collaboration {Eva Brandt}
The affective sustainability of objects; a search for causal connections {Kristina Börjesson}
Restless Landscapes {Mark Smout and Laura Allen}
The Methapfor, the Dichotomy and the Narrative {Thomas Arvid Jaeger}

Paper session {C2} Studying design practice
Session chairs: Ilpo Koskinen and Karen Lisa Salamon
Drawing lines through the invisibles: Mapping and reframing visibility of work through an ethnographic study {Larisa Sitorus}
A methodology for studying design cognition in the real world {Bo T. Christensen}
Interaction Design as Experienced by Practitioners {Ann Lantz, Henrik Artman and Robert Ramberg}
New design competences for localized production systems: a case study in Denmark {Kaare Eriksen and Nicola Morelli}
Design as a way of bringing a service brand to life: the design dimension in brand development {Joacim Andersson}

Paper session {C3} Design education
Session chairs: Peter Ullmark and Mike Stott
From Practice to Reflection and on to Reflexivity {Maziar Raein}
Designs for learning about film spectatorship {Andrew Morrison, Andrew Deacon and Jane Stadler}
Emerging Dynamics in Design Education: Integrating Theory and Practice as Design in the Making {Tiiu Poldma}
Teaching design research in the studio {Ben Matthews and Jacob Buur}
Collaboration and Communication in Design Games {Willem Horst and Vicki S¢rensen}
Educating interaction designers - how are new tools for design changing learning situations? {Annett Hillestad}

Paper session {C4} User studies (methods)
Session chairs: Hálldor Gíslason and Dagny Stuedahl
Utilizing End User Knowledge in the Designing of Intelligent Workwear {Jukka Mäyrä, Riikka Matala and Petra Falin}
Grounded Information for Responsive Designing: An Example of the Physical Environment of Work {Stephen Awoniyi}
Situated Research and Design for Everyday Life {Bodil Jönsson, Arne Svensk, Lone Malmborg, Peter Anderberg, Gunilla Brattberg, Björn Breidegard, Håkan Eftring, Henrik Enquist, Eva Flodin, Jörgen Gustafsson, Charlotte Magnusson, Eve Mandre, Camilla Nordgren, Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn}
Exploring how user video supports design {Jason Moore and Jacob Buur}
An Anthropological Move Towards Tangible Interaction Design {Mads Vedel Jensen}

Paper session {D1} Design methods
Session chairs: Judith Gregory and Jacob Buur
Representing product personality in relation to materials in a product design problem {Ilse van Kesteren, Pieter Jan Stappers and Prabhu Kandacha}
Quality Clothes - An Outline of a Model for Assessing the Quality of Customized Clothing {Ritva Koskennurmi-Sivonen and Päivikki Pietarila}
Information Graphics as an active tool during the Interaction Design process {Santiago Barriga Amaya and Lisa Hultgren}
Indigenous Design: healthcare professional using self-produced video in articulating and developing work practices {Erling Bjørgvinsson and Per-Anders Hillgren}

Paper session {D2} Facilitating collaboration (methods)
Session chairs: Ramia Mazé and Pelle Ehn
Design space conceptual tool {Bo Westerlund}
The Customer Interaction Game {Elisabeth Kristina Svanqvist}
A student, a product, a process: a fresh look at 'design games' in the Habraken tradition {Brendon Clark and Sofie Widding}
The development of a visual design tool: VisionPool {Jannick Kirk Sørensen}

Paper session {D3} Design and space
Session chairs: Katrine Lotz and Ilpo Koskinen
Researching the Visual Qualities of Exhibition Design through Experimental and Cross-Disciplinary Methods {Outi Turpeinen}
[visklek] - Playing with Games {Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl}
"Live at Epidemin"- a cinematic investigation of architectonic space and artistic practice within a public institution of contemporary art {Henric Benesch}
Promoting Energy Awareness through Interventions in Public Space {Margot Jacobs and Ulrika Löfgren}
Prototypes in Pinkenba {Gary Doherty}

Paper session {D4} Design discourses and social processes
Session chairs: Karen Lisa Salamon and Susann Vihma
Domestication and context: Studying objectification in print media {Sara Routarinne}
Social process and product's domestication {Heidi Grönman}
Verbal communication of semantic content in products {Torben Lenau and Per Boelskifte}
The salient features of the clock - a functional semiotic design analysis of relevance to digital design {Toke Riis Ebbesen}
Products and practices. Selected concepts from science and technology studies and from social theories of consumption and practice {Elizabeth Shove, Matt Watson and Jack Ingram}
Transdiscipline Vs. Culture Loss {Erika Marlene Cortés López}
In the making colloquiumDesign: Sketching, modeling and collaborating
Using Virtual Prototype for Cross-Cultural Visual Design {Andrea Castello Branco Júdice and Marcelo Ortega Júdice}
The influence of 3D modeling and rapid prototyping techniques on customized objects in industrial design {Isabelle Auclair, Philippe Lalande and Tomás Dorta}
Rumpelstiltskin in Traditional and New Digital Media {Christine Blaney}

Emotional design and reflective education
Cultural probes {Per Kristav}
Energy objects: Reflection through interaction {Mattias Ludvigsson}
What`s the fuss with emotional interaction {Stefania Anardottir, Anne Sofie Jørgensen, Swantje Pyrus, Yin Yue, Marie Hartmann, Kyle Kilbourn and Dovilè Valkauskaitè}
From Novice to Expert: The Iterative Travails of a Hatching Design Practitioner (A Panoramic Overview) {Hakeem Adebola Lawal}
I'll be your mirror {Jon Mårtensson}
Design research strategies tutorialEthnographic design research
Negotiating work: An Individual and Collaborative Process Within Teams to Define What They Do {Kyle Kilbourn}

Design protocol studies
Match the Space to the Case {Dennis Nordstrøm, Lyle Clarke and Stefania Arnadottir}

Action research
Moving from servile actors to... {Søren Bolvig Hansen}
Designing experimental design - moving in, moving out {John Alphonse, Christina Mörtberg and Dagny Stuedahl}

Research through design
Relating theory and practice in the design research discourse {Hanna Landin}
User-Centred Innovation tutorial
Visionpool: A Visual Tool for Innovation {Villads Keiding}
Design Cases Exhibition
Don't Destroy the Vitamins! - A Look at the "Tada" Microwave from Several Perspectives {Kyle Kilbourn}
Single Mingle {Senses and Sensors group, Interaction design students at Malmoe University, Sweden}
iBikt {Senses and Sensors group, Interaction design students at Malmoe University, Sweden}
SANS-Boxes {Senses and Sensors group, Interaction design students at Malmoe University, Sweden}
The Involuntary Dance Machine {Senses and Sensors group, Interaction design students at Malmoe University, Sweden}
BoardFamily - design ethics questions around a collaborative online community {Daniel Spikol}
BodyBug - Design of KinAesthetic Interaction {Jin Moen and Johan Sandsjö}
Designing Selfhood: Incorporating Science and Technology into the Female Identity Through Narrative Immersion and Role-Playing {Sue Nguyen}
A metaphor approach to exhibition design {Tandi Camilla Agrell}
The CARE paper - Collaborative articulation in rehabilitation after hand surgery {Per Linde, Stefan Olofsson, Thomas Sokoler, Jonas Löwgren and Mette Agger Eriksen}
Of Machines and Man: Exploring Growth and Decay of Movement for Interaction Design {Larisa Sitorus and Esti Utami Handarini}
PearlView: Non-Disruptive Hyper-List Browsing {Carlos Olguin and Anna Almberg}
Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool for Construction Vehicle Driver {Low Ko Wee}


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