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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Design Strategy -- Success by Design

User Experience Reading List
Compiled by Christina Wasson
1. Ethnographic Perspectives on Design
2. Activity Theory
3. Limitations of Cognitive Psychology
4. Participatory Design
5. Websites of Relevance to Design Anthropology
Border Crossing The role of design research in international product development
Melody Roberts SmartDesign

the voice of sustainment: on design intelligence by Tony Fry
[html] dpp_journal_Tony Fry_on design intelligence

dti Global Watch Mission Report October 2004
Innovation through people-centred design – lessons from the USA

The Design Institute of Australia. Success by Design. Designers bring humanand cultural values. to business problems, values that ... Success by Design.

Government Response to the Taskforce
Media release - October 2003 (PDF, 82KB)
Fact sheet - October 2003 (PDF, 88KB)
Taskforce Final Report
Design Taskforce final report - May 2003 (PDF, 1024KB)
Media release - Success by Design - May 2003 (PDF, 47KB)
Associated Taskforce Reports
Building a case for added value through design - NZIER report,
February 2003 (PDF, 456KB)
Design Taskforce research report - by Innovation & Systems,
December 2002 (PDF, 945KB)


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