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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Design Research Resources

Design Research

Design Research: Why you need it by Steve Calde

What is design research?

"A body of knowledge assembled by a small team dedicated full-time to the creation of the product in question, design research is used as the foundation for

. Creating models (such as personas and representative workflows) that are used during the design phase
. Obtaining an objective understanding of technical development constraints and opportunities
. Articulating business goals that may affect features and product deployment strategies
. Understanding user needs.

A design research phase consists of three main activities: stakeholder interviews, domain research, and user interviews. Some combination of all three makes for a successful phase. The length of each activity depends on the complexity of the product. More is always better, but effective design research can be gathered in a relatively short amount of time."

NextD Journal ReReThinking Design

8.2 Thinking Sideways
A conversation with Malcolm Gladwell
8.1 Managing is Designing?
A conversation with Fred Collopy & Richard J. Boland Jr.

7.3 Design as Glue
A conversation with David Kelley
7.2 Facing Globalization
A conversation with Anders Drejer
7.1 Frozen Pictures?
A conversation with Julie Lasky

Issue SIX
6.3 Organizational Innovation
A conversation with Bettina von Stamm
6.2 Into the Immeasurable
A conversation with William Tate
6.1 Wurman Uncut
A conversation with Richard Saul Wurman

Issue FIVE
5.3 Redistributing the Future
A conversation with Jamais Cascio
5.2 Designing the Future
A conversation with Lorraine Justice
5.1 Science in the Making
A conversation with Liz Sanders

Issue FOUR
4.3 Patterns in Motion
A conversation with Harold G. Nelson
4.2 Innovation by Design
A conversation withTim Brown
4.1 Navigating Innovation
A conversation with Uffe Elbæk

3.3 Interaction Innovation
A conversation with Andrew Davidson
3.2 Envisioning Design
A conversation with Claudio Moderini
3.1 Human-Centered Innovation
A conversation with Patrick Whitney

Issue TWO
2.3 Intervals-Ideas-Initiatives
A conversation with Derrick De Kerckhove
2.2 Inside "Time for Change"
A conversation with Clement Mok
2.1 The Business of NEW
A conversation with Larry Keeley

Issue ONE
1.3 Embracing Change:a Design Education Hybrid!
A conversation with Greg Van Alstyne
1.2 Design Research: Leading or Following?
A conversation with Ken Friedman
1.1 Innovation: Teaching HOW Now!
A conversation with Min Basadur

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