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Monday, September 05, 2005

Design Studies Guru -- Professor Nigel Cross

Nigel Cross - Publications 1996-2004
  1. "Creative Cognition in Design: processes of exceptional designers" in T. Hewett and T. Kavanagh (eds.), Creativity and Cognition, ACM Press, New York, USA, 2002. For a PDF copy click here.

  2. "Modelling Cognitive Strategies in Creative Design" (with C. Kruger), in J. Gero and M. Maher (eds.), Computational and Cognitive Models of Creative Design V, University of Sydney, Australia, 2001. For a PDF copy click here.

  3. "Strategic Knowledge Exercised by Outstanding Designers", in J. Gero and K. Hori (eds.), Strategic Knowledge and Concept Formation III, University of Sydney, Australia, 2001. For a PDF copy click here.

  4. "Expertise in Design: an overview", Design Studies, Vol. 25, No. 5, pp. 427-441, 2004. For a PDF copy click here.

  5. "Creativity in the Design Process: co-evolution of problem-solution" (with K. Dorst), Design Studies, Vol. 22, No. 5, pp. 425-437, 2001. For a PDF copy click here.

  6. "Natural Intelligence in Design", Design Studies, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 25-39, 1999. For a PDF copy click here.

  7. "Design/Science/Research: Developing a Discipline", Keynote Speech 5th Asian Design Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2001. For a PDF copy click here.

  8. "Post-Industrial Design Education", International Congress of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), Seoul, Korea, 2001. For a PDF copy click here.
[PDF] How Creative Design Happens
Professor Nigel Cross. The Open University, UK.In designing, there is a complex relationship between requirements and solutions.Creative designing can involve challenging the initial problem requirements ...
[PDF] SIGCHI Conference Paper Format
Nigel Cross delineates, defines, and sets in historical context the meaningsof phrases like “Scientific Design”,. “Design Science”, and “Science of ...Characterizations of Nigel Cross’ accounts of design research. Design explanation ...
[PDF] A New School of Design
Nigel Cross [3] provides a brief history of this interest in design science and methodology,
starting with the ...
Expertise in Design 2003: Accepted Papers
Nigel Cross. The Open University, UK. Schemata, Gambitsand Precedent: Some Factors in Design Expertise (PDF 128KB).
[PDF] design (of)
Nigel Cross, in his essay “Discovering Design Ability” (Buchanan and Margolin,.1995) believes that there are common themes. across different “designing of’s”:Creativity and intuition are important, problems and solutions...
[PDF] Workshop: Workshop on the Relationship between Design and HCI
Nigel Cross suggests that design knowledge resides in. people, processes andproducts [1]. In the same issue Susan. Ross looks at categories of inquiry indesign research “from. the concrete and specific to the conceptual, ...
There are few words as over-loaded in meaning as the word “design” and there is an extensive and greatly varied literature that is targeted at providing a definitive semantics[1]. For the purposes of this statement, I want to distinguish between what design is about as a discourse about values , what design is as a discourse about methods , and what designs are as a discourse about representations and interpretations.
[PDF] Design + design
[DC 01] Kees Dorst & Nigel Cross, 2001. Creativity in the Design Process:Co-evolution of Problem-Solving ... John Wiley (Nigel Cross ed.) [JJ 84] J.Christopher Jones, 1984. A Method of Systematic Design; Developments in Design ...
[PDF] chapter 1
Rittel and Webber, ”Planning Problems are Wicked Problems”, Nigel Cross, ed.Developments in Design methodology,. John Wiley, UK 1984.
[PDF] Can Engineers Design, and Can Designers Engineer?
The recent work of Nigel Cross has further focused on some of these patternsof thought. He suggests that Designers ex- ... Nigel Cross: Research andDesign Thinking, Delft. University Press, Delft, 1992 ...
[PDF] Discovering and Extracting Knowledge in the Design Project
Nigel Cross’ three design research classifications: design epistemology, design.praxiology, and design phenomenology (Cross, 1999); Susan Roth’s classifications:concrete & specific, conceptual, and theoretical & philosophical ...
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Nigel Cross Creative Thinking by Expert Designers < abstract | full text >Published in the Theme Issue Expertise in Design.
[PDF] DRN 1995: The Design Methodology Group
Roozenburg and Nigel Cross. 2. SPANNING DESIGN METHODOLOGY.
But this five person group seems small when you compare it with the task before ...
Nigel Cross is Professor of Design Methodology at the Faculty of Industrial Design.
[PDF] Investigating Design: A Review of Forty Years of Design Research ...
7 Nigel Cross has several publications. in various conferences in “The Recent.History of Post-Industrial Design ... saved the design methods, according toNigel Cross. 42. in his article. Horst Rittel’s proposal of the idea of ...
[PDF] The Expertise of Exceptional Designers
Nigel Cross. 1. Three studies of exceptional designers. 1.1 Protocol study:Victor Scheinman. Victor Scheinman is an American ... Nigel Cross. 3. Conclusions.Three key process aspects appear to be common to all three designers: 1) ...
[PDF] Visual Noise in Product Design: Problems + Solutions
Design and Society. Ed. Richard. Langdon and Nigel Cross. London: The DesignCouncil, 1984. • Wroblewski, Andrzej Jan. “On the Definition of the Professionof Industrial Designer.” Projekt. Poland: 1969.


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