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Monday, September 05, 2005

Design + Business Management Journals

Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM)
Joins 10 top academic business journals

Top 10 Academic Business Journals
(Ranked by the Thomson ISI Impact Factor)
1. Academy of Management Review
2. Academy of Management Journal
3. Strategic Management Journal
4. Administrative Science Quarterly
5. Journal of Marketing
6. Journal of Consumer Research
7. Journal of Marketing Research
8. Marketing Science
9. Journal of Management
10. Journal of Product Innovation Management

The Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award

The basic requirements for receiving this award are:

1. Sustained success in launching new products over a five-year time frame.
This measure confirms the winner's approach to new product development goes beyond a single major product success. The winner's new product track record over an extended period provides adequate time to establish its ability to perform at an exceptional level in new product development.

2. Significant company growth from new product success.
This standard insures that new products that simply upgrade and replace previous company products are not considered the sole basis of outstanding performance.

3. A defined new product development process that can be described to others.
Since the OCI Award is seen as a learning tool for other practitioners, it is deemed essential that the winner have a new product development process that can be described adequately to the membership and other interested parties.

4. Distinctive innovative characteristics and intangibles.
This standard recognizes unique and innovative characteristics of the organization's approach to the new product development process that make it particularly suitable for the organization. It also provides for the recognition of noteworthy intangibles including the organization's culture.

Past Recipients
- BMW Group AG (click here for conference award presentation - 3.4 MB download)
- Teknion (click here for conference award presentation - 6.0 MB download)
- Harley Davidson Motor Company (click here for presentation - 700 KB download)
- Dow Chemical Polyolefins and Elastomers (click here for presentation - 340 KB download)
- Affymetrix Inc.
- Air Force Laboratory

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September 2005 eBulletin

DMI Review Download of the MonthDesign for Stress Download articleBy Daniel Formosa, Ph.D., SmartDesignFrom the Design Management Review, Vol. 16, No. 3, Summer 2005

Creating an Industry and Culture Through Branding: The Story of Burton Snowboards

By David Schriber, Burton Snowboards, and Michael Jager, Creative Director, Jager Di Paola KempFrom the Design Management Review, Vol. 10, No. 1, Winter 1999

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf

Design Management Forum
Advanced Strategies for Tough Times
Ā»Advanced Strategies for Tough TimesĀ«

Design succeeds more and more as a strategic and competitive advantage in business activities. Therefore the symposium is dedicated to key questions such as:

. What are the most relevant variables for gaining sustained competitive advantage?
. What in particular are these successful companies doing to stay on top?
. How do they reach their unique excellence and identity?
. Who is supporting them and by which means and methodologies?


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