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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Design Knowledge Guru -- Prof. Dr. Ken Friedman

Prof. Ken Friedman, Norwegian School of Management, Oslo / Norway & Denmark's Design
School, Copenhagen / Denmark

[PDF] New Design Research: Leading or Following?
Ken Friedman: This is a deep series of questions. Each layer of inquiry is embedded in the next. ... As a professional field, design faces ten major challenges today. There are three performance challenges, four ...

Ken Friedman on design

As a professional field, design faces ten major challenges today. There are three performance challenges, four substantive challenges, and three contextual challenges.

The performance challenges of design are to:
1. Act on the physical world.
2. Address human needs.
3. Generate the built environment.

These challenges require frameworks of theory and research to address contemporary professional problems and solve individual cases.
The professional problems of design involve four substantive challenges:
1. Increasingly ambiguous boundaries between artifact, structure, and process.
2. Increasingly large-scale social, economic, and industrial frames.
3. An increasingly complex environment of needs, requirements, and constraints.
4. Information content that often exceeds the value of physical substance.

In an integrated knowledge economy, design also involves three contextual challenges.
These are:
1. A complex environment in which many projects or products cross the boundaries of several organizations, stakeholder, producer, and user groups.
2. Projects or products that must meet the expectations of many organizations, stakeholders, producers, and users.
3. Demands at every level of production, distribution, reception, and control.

These ten challenges require a qualitatively different approach to professional practice than was needed in earlier times.

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[PDF] Reflections on building an online resource for doctoral studies in ...
Doctoral Education in Design, edited by David Durlingand Ken Friedman, Stoke-on-Trent.

Darren Newbury (editor), The Research Training Initiative, at BIAD, Corporation Street, Birmingham B4 7DX, England. © Research Training Initiative.

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Center for Design Studies

[PDF] Presentazione di PowerPoint
Design involves creating something new or transforming a less desiderable situation to a preferred

[PDF] Citations and References A Guide for Students

[PDF] Doctoral research as a learning hub Perspectives from a Ph.D ...
Durling, David and Ken Friedman. 2000. Doctoral education in design: foundationsfor the future. Stoke-on-Trent: Staffordshire University Press. Durling, Davidand John Shackleton. 2002. Common Ground. Stoke-on-Trent: Staffordshire ...

[PDF] Creating design knowledge: from research into practice
Creating design knowledge: from research into. practice. Ken Friedman. Departmentof Knowledge Management, Norwegian School of Management. Abstract. This paperconsiders how we create design knowledge. It examines the ways that research ...

[PDF] From Apprentice to Master Some Notes on Educating Design Scholars ...
practice-derived design knowledge, a making discipline of design, and the journalismstudies,. derived from the practice of journalism. ... Durling, David, and KenFriedman. eds. 2000. Proceedings of the Conference Doctoral Education in ...

[PDF] Rethinking the Future of the Design Professions

[PDF] Design and Technology Educational Research and Curriculum ...
Creating Design Knowledge: From Research into Practice. Ken Friedman. AssociateProfessor of Leadership and Strategic Design. Department of Knowledge Management, Norwegian School of Management.

[PDF] Theory in practice: practice in theory – strategies for integration

[PDF] Design [x] research: Essays on interaction design as knowledge ...
Ken Friedman, a design theorist studying the ways of creating a common groundfor developing design research, is not in disagreement with this ... ing todissect a part of knowledge from a design, load it on a truck and let it travel ...


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