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Thursday, September 15, 2005

IIT Design Research

IIT Design Research

Owen, Charles
"Design Thinking: What It Is, Why It Is Different, Where It Has New Value". The International Conference on Design Research and Education for the Future (South Korea: 2005).
[pdf - 1MB]

Schauer, Brandon et al
"Perspectives on Design and Strategy." Interviews from the Institute of Design Strategy Conference (Chicago, Illinois: 2005).
[pdf - 153k] (excerpt only)

Owen, Charles
"Societal Responsibilities: Growing the Role of Design." Proceedings of the International Conference on Planning and Design. (Tainan, Taiwan: 2005).
[pdf - 3.3MB]

Owen, Charles
"Responsible Design: Achieving Living Excellence: Implications, Warnings and a Call to Action." Proceedings of eDesign2004: International Conference on Environmental Design for Living Excellence. (Selangor, Malaysia: 2004).
[pdf - 5.5MB]

Kumar, Vijay
"Innovation Planning Toolkit." Proceedings of the FutureGround Design Research Society International Conference (Melbourne: 2004).
[pdf - 392k]

Owen, Charles
"What Is Design? Some Questions and Answers." Institute of Design White Paper (Chicago, 2004).
[pdf - 164k]

Conley, Chris
"Leveraging Design's Core Competencies." The Design Management Review, vol. 15, no. 3 (Summer 2004, Design Management Institute -
[pdf - 110k]

Kumar, Vijay and Patrick Whitney
"Faster, Cheaper, Deeper User Research." Design Management Journal (Spring 2003): 50-57.
[pdf - 621k]

[PDF] A Comparative Study of Three Design Research Methods

[PDF] Arts Education and Instrumental Outcomes

[PDF] THE iLOFT PROJECT Design Research Methods

[PDF] User-Centred Design Research Methods: The Designer’s Perspective

Research methods and resources (University of York Library)

[PDF] A Short Bibliography on Qualitative Methods

[PDF] Design Research: Methods and Perspectives Edited by Brenda Laurel


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