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Monday, September 12, 2005

Interaction Design

Interaction Design

[PDF] Microsoft PowerPoint - experienceLanguages
Experience design languages Interaction Design Institute Ivrea John Rheinfrank andShelley Evenson. 44. 4 March 2004.

[PDF] Microsoft PowerPoint - adaptiveIvrea
From static to adaptive worlds Interaction Design Institute Ivrea JohnRheinfrank and Shelley Evenson. 1. 4 March 2004.

[PDF] Shelley Evenson
LOOP: This field is so new that most of us who are now ... SHELLEY EVENSON:Customer Experience Architect,. LOOP: So just to clarify,…
The Role of Metaphor in Interaction Design
W18. Designing Technology for Community Appropriation
Shelley Evenson School of Design Carnegie Mellon University
Discovering and Extracting Knowledge in the Design Project
marc rettig, Inetraction Design History.
How to run a design critique? By Scott Berkun, January 2003.
Making Meaning: The Business of Experience Design


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