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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Design Mindfulness

Design Mindfulness

[PDF] bring your “right brain” to work!

[PDF] Design as Advantage No. 1: The Design + Identity50
Tom's Peters on design as a strategic advantage (.pdf file)


[PDF] Design/Dasein: An Investigation into Design Being

LukeW: Interface Design Articles & Papers

[PDF] ChoosingaCompany ’sBuildingDesign



Visualizing Research: a guide to the research process in art

Pathways to Innovation in Digital Culture

Bloom's Ranking of Thinking Skills
Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation
List Name Identify Show Define Recognize Recall State Visualize
Summarize Explain Interpret Describe Compare Paraphrase
Differentiate Demonstrate Classify Solve Illustrate Calculate
Use Interpret Relate Manipulate Apply Modify Analyze Organize
Deduce Contrast Compare Distinguish Discuss Plan Devise
Design Hypothesize Support Schematize Write Report Justify
Evaluate Choose Estimate Judge Defend Criticize
In Bloom's Taxonomy, the acts of recalling and reporting knowledge
are seen as less sophisticated than the alternatives of translating
information into new forms, applying it to new contexts, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating it.

Digital Artist Blog: PhD

[PDF] Chapter 1: Introduction to the study of the performative object

[PDF] Designer-moderated product design

Overview of disruptive innovation - HBS Working knowledge

Dave Pollard's "Ten Most Important Ideas of 2004 : Business & The Economy"


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