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Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Ways of Working

New Ways of Working

Knowledge sharing in the "new office" - possibility or problem?
Proceedings from Computer Supported Cooperative Work Conference 2002
Eva Bjerrum og Susanne Bødker.
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Working together: Work space, organization and conception of work
Proceedings from The International Telework Conference 2005
Eva Bjerrum og Stinne Aaløkke.
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Gate Keeping or Bridge Building?
Cooperation, Learning and Boundary Working in a Cross Media Workplace
Proceedings from 6th Organizational Learning and Knowledge Conference
Eva Bjerrum, Susanne Bødker, Stinne Aaløkke og Anja Bechmann.
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Swedish Design

Swedish Design

[PDF] The 2005 Year of Design

[PDF] Semiotics in product design

[PDF] Swedish design

Focus Groups

Focus Groups

[PDF] Focus Group Fundamentals
The focus group has been defined as a “carefully planned series of discussions designed to obtain perceptions on a defined area of interest in a permissive, non-threatening environment” (Krueger and Casey, 2000, p.5).

[PDF] Can You Call It a Focus Group?

[PDF] The focus group as a tool for health research: issues in design ...

[PDF] CHAPTER 8 Real World Context Focus Groups

[PDF] Focus Groups manual

[PDF] Guidelines for Conducting a Focus Group

[PDF] National Association of Design Education Journal Use and ...

[PDF] A Guide to Conducting and Planning Focus Groups

[PDF] Focus Groups & Libraries: A Selected Bibliography

[PDF] Chapter 1 Gathering Requirements for Mobile Devices using Focus ...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Andrew Hargadon on Innovation

Andrew Hargadon

[PDF] Innovate on Purpose
Andrew Hargadon. How Breakthroughs Happen. Other metrics are available to measure interest and commitment to innovation.

[PDF] Seven Innovation Myths

[PDF] Managing for Creativity by R Florida J Goodnight

Frontiers of eBusiness Research (FeBR) 2005

Ivey Business Journal - FEATURE ARTICLE

[PDF] Bridging Small Worlds to Accelerate Innovation

[PDF] Leadership Development Review

[PDF] Culture & Change

[PDF] Oxford Magazine - Andrew Hargadon

HUB Magazines

HUB magazine
Why is design innovation being trumpeted as the next big thing? By Darrel Rhea, ceo, Cheskin. (download PDF)
The entire Mar/Apr ‘06 issue of the HUB magazine (28 pages), featuring a cover story interview with Wal-Mart CMO John Fleming, and nine other articles. (download PDF)
the entire Jan/Feb ‘06 issue of The HUB (20 pages)
How brand "design language" connects with consumers at retail. A roundtable discussion featuring Paco Underhill of Envirosell, Tim Dorgan of J. Brown Agency, Jason Press of G2 and Mike Pytlinski, formerly of Kraft. (download PDF)
the entire Sep/Oct ‘05 issue of The Hub (20 pages)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Deep Linking

Deep Linking

Deep Linking is Good Linking (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox),51887-0.html
Deep Links Return to Surface,62500-0.html
Hands Off! That Fact Is Mine
Deep Linking Lunacy
Commentary on Web Architecture

Saturday, March 04, 2006



Question: Do I need permission to link to someone else's site?

Answer: In general, if someone is making a website publicly available, others may freely link to it. That open linking is what makes the web a "web."

In most cases, however, simple linking is unlikely to violate the law.

Question: Is "deep linking" illegal?

Answer: "Deep linking" refers to the creation of hyperlinks to a page other than a website's homepage. For example, instead of pointing a link at, this site's "homepage," another site might link directly to the linking FAQ at .

Further, hyperlinking does not itself involve a violation of the Copyright Act (whatever it may do for other claims) since no copying is involved. The customer is automatically transferred to the particular genuine web page of the original author. There is no deception in what is happening. This is analogous to using a library's card index to get reference to particular items, albeit faster and more efficiently.

So far, courts have found that deep links to web pages were neither a copyright infringement nor a trespass.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Unlocking Creativity

[PDF] a creative region - unlocking creativity

[PDF] IA02 PMSEIC Report - Science Innovation


[PDF] Creativity Innovation

[PDF] Unlocking the knowledge potential of your organisation, by Jean ...

[PDF] How Creativity, Education and the Arts Shape a Modern Economy

[PDF] 1074P Corp Plan Summary-AW

Unlocking Creativity
Unlocking Creativity – a creative region (711KB, PDF)

Developing Business

[PDF] Unlocking Your Own Creativity

Download full text The Creative Age (663KB)

As a knowledge-based economy emerges, economic and social value is created not just by what we know but by whether we apply our knowledge creatively. This report argues that creativity can be learned, and presents pioneering examples from education, community and business of how this can be done. The authors offer a radically different vision of education, which would position learners in diverse settings and require them to draw on their skills in practical and innovative ways. It proposes a ten-year programme of reform to ensure that learners can thrive in the knowledge economy.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Steelcase 360 eZine

Steelcase 360 eZine

Steelcase - People at Work - The Language of Design
“The Language of Design” An interview with James Ludwig, director of design for Steelcase North America. What are the hot design trends for 2005? The list provided by James Ludwig, director of design for Steelcase North America, ...
Steelcase - People at Work - Design for Healing
Steelcase Inc. the global leader in the office furniture industry. ... The Language of Design · The Networked Individualist · THE NEXT EVOLUTION of the Personal Workspace · The State of the Cubicle, 2006 ...

[PDF] Design for the Flat World
Technology and the Steelcase/Robert C. Pew Professor of Design. He has published ... allow big and slow to work together despite the language differences. - maybe we should be marketing “business in a box” to the other 6 billion so ...

[PDF] Collective Creativity

[PDF] Pattern Language

[PDF] Design Magazine (China), September 2004 Interview with Shaohui Qiu ...