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Monday, December 18, 2006

Theory Building & Research Design

Theory Building & Research Design
Prof. Andrew Van de Ven

Topics Introduction and Overview
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 1.
Notes on Engaged Scholarship in a Changing Field

Developing a Research Proposal
Van de Ven & Delbecq, "The Nominal Group as a Research Instrument…" AJPH, 1972.
Davis & Parker, “Writing the Doctoral Dissertation,” NY: Barron’s, 1997, chapters 2 and 8.
Class Slides and Notes on Developing a Research Proposal.
Slides on Nominal Group Technique

Philosophy of Science Underlying Engaged Scholarship
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 2.

Formulating the Research Problem or Question
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 3
Class Slides on Problem FormulationGrounded Methods of Problem Formulation
Class Slides on Grounded Problem and Theory Building.

Building a Theory
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 4
Class slides on Theory Building
Class slides on theory building, part 2.
Example of a good report by Mary Jo Graham in 2003 class.

Justifying a Theory

Two Modes of Thought: Variance and Process Theories
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 5

Variance Research Designs
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 6

Process Research Designs
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 7
Class slides on process research design

Constructing and Evaluating Measurement Instruments
Van de Ven & Ferry, "Measuring and Assessing Organizations," Chapter 3, 1980
Class slides on constructing and evaluating measures

Evaluating and Improving Research Designs
Class slides on reviewing research designs.

Implementing Research and Problem Solving
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 8.
Class slides on communicating and using research

Writing and Publishing Crafts
class notes on Writing and Publishing Norms

Reviewing and Evaluating Research Proposals
Engaged Scholarship, Chapter 9
Van de Ven class slides


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