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Friday, March 03, 2006

Unlocking Creativity

[PDF] a creative region - unlocking creativity

[PDF] IA02 PMSEIC Report - Science Innovation


[PDF] Creativity Innovation

[PDF] Unlocking the knowledge potential of your organisation, by Jean ...

[PDF] How Creativity, Education and the Arts Shape a Modern Economy

[PDF] 1074P Corp Plan Summary-AW

Unlocking Creativity
Unlocking Creativity – a creative region (711KB, PDF)

Developing Business

[PDF] Unlocking Your Own Creativity

Download full text The Creative Age (663KB)

As a knowledge-based economy emerges, economic and social value is created not just by what we know but by whether we apply our knowledge creatively. This report argues that creativity can be learned, and presents pioneering examples from education, community and business of how this can be done. The authors offer a radically different vision of education, which would position learners in diverse settings and require them to draw on their skills in practical and innovative ways. It proposes a ten-year programme of reform to ensure that learners can thrive in the knowledge economy.


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