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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Steelcase 360 eZine

Steelcase 360 eZine

Steelcase - People at Work - The Language of Design
“The Language of Design” An interview with James Ludwig, director of design for Steelcase North America. What are the hot design trends for 2005? The list provided by James Ludwig, director of design for Steelcase North America, ...
Steelcase - People at Work - Design for Healing
Steelcase Inc. the global leader in the office furniture industry. ... The Language of Design · The Networked Individualist · THE NEXT EVOLUTION of the Personal Workspace · The State of the Cubicle, 2006 ...

[PDF] Design for the Flat World
Technology and the Steelcase/Robert C. Pew Professor of Design. He has published ... allow big and slow to work together despite the language differences. - maybe we should be marketing “business in a box” to the other 6 billion so ...

[PDF] Collective Creativity

[PDF] Pattern Language

[PDF] Design Magazine (China), September 2004 Interview with Shaohui Qiu ...



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