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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SIM Seminar Archive

SIM Seminar Archive

1. Ron Adner (INSEAD)
A demand-based perspective on sustainable competitive advantage
Download paper (PDF 454KB)

2. Brian Uzzi (Northwestern)
Collaboration and creativity: how small worlds make big differences
Download paper (PDF 569KB)

3. Hart Posen (Wharton)
Do capital markets value firm capabilities?
Download paper (PDF 579KB)

4. Charles Baden-Fuller (Cass)
Replicating Knowledge - Principles or Templates?
Download paper (PDF - 368 KB)

5. Nelson Phillips (Cambridge)
Remembrance of Things Past? The Dynamics of Organizational Forgetting
Download bio (PDF - 53 KB)
Download paper (PDF - 302 KB)

6. Tim Devinney (Australian GSM)
The process of knowledge creation in organizations
Download paper (PDF - 593 KB)

7. Giovanni Gavetti (HBS)
Rationality and plasticity over time: Toward a grounded theory of the origin of strategies
Download paper (PDF - 323 KB)

8. Brian Loasby (University of Stirling)
Organisation and the human mind
Download OH presentation (PDF - 173 KB)
Download Simon paper (PDF - 157 KB)
Download Hayek paper (PDF - 242 KB)
Download Neo-Schumpeterian paper (PDF - 125 KB)
Download Penrose paper (PDF - 124 KB)

9. Jasjit Singh (HBS)
Social Networks as Determinants of Knowledge Diffusion Patterns
Download paper (PDF - 524 KB)

10. Peter Murmann (Northwestern)
The coevolution of industries and academic disciplines
Download paper (PDF - 712 KB)


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