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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ron Arad

Ron Arad

[PDF] Where t o find London ’ s best design t alent at Mi lan 2006

[PDF] Design & Technische Informationen

[PDF] Berlin – Stadt des Designs
[PDF] Berlin – City of Design

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


NOVEMBER 27, 2006
Mistakes Made On The Road To Innovation
Led by CEO Antonio M. Perez, Kodak is struggling to reinvent its business model.
It's not alone...

Graphic: Antonio M. Perez's 7 Notions Of Innovation
Graphic: The Wrong Stuff: How Kodak Nearly Blew It
Graphic: Reinvent Or Else
Playbook: Business Model Innovation
November 20.2006
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Monday, November 13, 2006

New Design College

New Design College

[PDF] Transforming the University creating a new design college.

[PDF] Design values in student projects - The Teaching of Engineering ...

[PDF] Whatever Happened toTotal Design?

Architecture and Design Prospectus 2006(2.0 MB PDF)

[PDF] Chapter 1: Preface
educational reform, with the ultimate hope of creating in Taiwan a place where creativity is indispensable to everyone’s life ... creativity is encouraged and expressed at the individual, school, societal, industrial, and cultural. ...

[PDF] Interaction Design as Experienced by Practitioners

Sunday, November 12, 2006


understanding beauty : IDSA NEC 2004. 2. What’s the big idea?
Shift beauty from style to experience ... understanding beauty
IDSA NEC 2004. 10. Lifestyle Design. John Dewey Philosophy.
Art as Experience ...

[PDF] An Illustrated Guide to Knowledge Management

[PDF] Brand Futures: Possible Scenarios

[PDF] Competing in the global economy: the innovation challenge

[PDF] The Future of the University in the Digital Age

[PDF] DMI Newsletter Fall 2005

[PDF] Understanding enterprise culture

[PDF] From the Dean

[PDF] HSP Dialogue on urban cultures: globalization and culture in an ...

[PDF] The search for meaning

[PDF] 04-IAEA School of NKM 2006 (de Grosbois)

Friday, November 10, 2006

QUT ePrints - Vesna Popovic

QUT ePrints – Vesna Popovic,_Vesna.html

Moalosi, Richie and Popovic, Vesna and Hickling-Hudson, Anne (2006) Culture-driven product innovation. In Marjanovic, D., Eds. Proceedings 9th International Design Conference - Design 2006 Volume 1, pages pp. 573-578, Cavtat - Dubrovnik - Croatia.

Moalosi, Richie and Popovic, Vesna and Hickling-Hudson, Anne (2006) Culture: A Source of Product Innovation. In Friedman, Ken and Love, Terence and Corte-Real, Eduardo, Eds. Proceedings Design Research Society - Wonderground International Conference 2006, Lisbon, Portugal.

Popovic, Vesna (2005) Building Collaborative Culture Between Design Research and Practice Through Graduate Education. In Proceedings 4th Doctoral Education in Design Conference, 25 - 29 June 2005, Arizona State University, Temple, Arizona, USA.

Blackler, Alethea L and Popovic, Vesna and Mahar, Douglas P (2005) Intuitive Interaction with Complex Artefacts. In Redmond, John and Durling, David and de Bono, Arthur, Eds. Proceedings Futureground. Design Research Society International Conference 2004 2, Melbourne, Aust.

Gomez, Rafael and Popovic, Vesna and Bucolo, Sam (2005) Driving experience and the effect of challenging interactions in high traffic context. In Redmond, John and Durling, David and De Bono, Arthur, Eds. Proceedings Futureground International Conferance 2004 Volume 2, pages 91, Melbourne, Monash University. Faculty of Art & Design.

Moalosi, Richie and Popovic, Vesna and Hudson, Anne and Kumar, Krishan Lall (2005) Integration of culture within Botswana product design. In Proceedings 2005 International Design Congress, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology- Yunlin,Taiwan.

Moalosi, Richie and Popovic, Vesna and Lall Kumar, Krishan and Hudson, Anne (2005) Product Analysis in Relation to the Socio-cultural Perspective of Botswana. In Proceedings International Conference on Design Education: Tradition and Modernity, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India.

Chamorro-Koc, Marianella and Popovic, Vesna and Emmison, Michael (2005) Visual Representation of Concepts: Exploring Users’ and Designers’ Concepts of Everyday Products . In Proceedings 2005idc New Design Paradigms, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, R.O.C..

Blackler, Alethea L and Popovic, Vesna and Mahar, Douglas P (2005) Intuitive Interaction Applied to Interface Design. In Proceedings International Design Congress - IASDR 2005, Douliou, Taiwan.

Popovic, Vesna (2004) Expertise development in product design-strategic and domain-specific knowledge connections. Design Studies 25(5):pp. 527-545.

Gomez, Rafael and Popovic, Vesna and Bucolo, Sam (2004) Driving: The Emotional Experience and Automotive Design. In Kurtgozu, Aren, Eds. Proceedings Fourth International Conference on Design and Emotion, 12 - 14 July 2004, Middle East Techical University, Ankara, Turkey.

Moalosi, Richie and Popovic, Vesna and Hudson, Anne (2004) Socio-cultural factors that impact upon human-centred design in Botswana. In Redmond, J and Durling, D and De Bono, A, Eds. Proceedings Design Research Society International Conference, Futureground, Monash University, Melbourne.

Blackler, Alethea and Popovic, Vesna and Mahar, Doug (2004) Studies of Intuitive Use Employing Observation and Concurrent Protocol. In Marjanovic, Dorian, Eds. Proceedings Design 2004 8th International Design Conference 1, pages pp. 135-142, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Popovic, Vesna (2003) An Approach to Knowledge Generation by Research and its Utilisation in Practice - Situating Doctoral Research around the Artifacts. In Durling, David and Sugiyama, Kazuo, Eds. Proceedings 3rd Doctoral Education in Design, pages pp. 133-142, Tsukuba, Japan.

Popovic, Vesna (2003) Expert and Novice Users Model and their Application to the Design Process. Journal of the Asian Design International Conference 1.

Blackler, Alethea and Popovic, Vesna and Mahar, Doug (2003) The nature of intuitive use of products:an experimental approach. Design Studies 24(6):pp. 491-506.

Blackler, Alethea L and Popovic, Vesna and Mahar, Douglas P (2003) Designing for Intuitive Use of Products: An Investigation . In Yamanaka, Toshimasa and Kubo, Mitsunori and Sato, Kiminobu, Eds. Proceedings Asian Design International Conference, October 14-17 1(n/a), pages pp. 1-16, Tsukuba, Japan.

Popovic, Vesna (2003) General strategic knowledge models and their interaction with domain-specific knowledge in design. International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology 11(1):pp. 35-48.

Popovic, Vesna (2002) Activity and Designing Pleasurable Interaction with Everyday Artifacts, in Green, William and Jordan, Patrick, Eds. Pleasure with the Use of Products, pages pp. 367-376. London ; New York : Taylor & Francis.

Blackler, Alethea L and Popovic, Vesna and Mahar, Douglas P (2002) Intuitive Use of Products. In Proceedings Common Ground. Design Research Society International Conference 2002, London., pages pp. 120-134, London.

Popovic, Vesna (2000) Expert ans Novice User Differences and Implications for Product Design Usability. In Proceedings IEA 2000/HFES 2000 Congress, pages pp. 933-936, San Diego.

Popovic, Vesna (1999) Product Evaluation Methods and their Importance in Designing Interactive Artifacts, in Jordan, Patrick and Green, William, Eds. Human Factors in Product Design : Current Practice and Trends, pages pp. 367-376. Taylor and Francis.

Popovic, Vesna (1997) Product Evaluation Methods and Their Applications. In Seppala, Pentti and Luopajarvi, Tuulikki and Nygard, Clas-Hakan and Mattila, Markku, Eds. Proceedings IEA 97 Congress, pages pp. 165-168, Tampere, Finland.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

SET Design Research

SET Design Research


[PDF] Lean Manufacturing and its impact on Industrial Design

Industrial Design Research Programme of the Academy of Finland

The purpose of this multidisciplinary programme (2004-2007) is to examine industrial design using the implements of business science and the technical sciences and of the social sciences and cultural research. Research will cover the whole system of industrial design, i.e. the practice of design, technological product development, materials research, marketing, consumption and the cultural impact of products. Many research projects of the University of Art and Design Helsinki take part in this programme.

Proceedings from the seminar on Signification, Usability, and Interaction in DESIGN (PDF)
Proceedings from the seminar on Signification, Usability, and Interaction in DESIGN (html version)

Media Culture Research Programme

Research Programmes of the Academy of Finland

VUW School of Design

VUW School of Design

Graduation Yearbook 2006 (.pdf catalogue)

"Design is a global currency, and cultural curiosity is a very important part of being a good designer. It is critical that our students have an understanding of the world, and that they travel and learn about different cultures and ways of living."
-Roy Fleetwood, Head of the School of Design

RISD – Rhode Island School of Design, USA

UIAH Helsinki University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland

University of Pforzheim, Germany

Technical University Munich, Germany

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design University of Dundee, Scotland

Global Partners
CUMULUS – Association of European Universities of Art, design and Media

NELDRIC – Network of Leading Design Research and Innovation Centres

ICSID - International Council of Societies of Industrial Design

CELA – Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture

Friday, November 03, 2006

Susann Vihma

Susann Vihma

F28 Semantic & Aesthetic Functions in Design. (PDF)

F27 Strategic Design. (PDF)

Design Drivers. (PDF)
A Peircean Approach to Urban Place
Susann Vihma
A Case Study on Product Collaborative Conceptual Design Technology Based
on User Implicit Knowledge

[PDF] Form is Function

[PDF] One reason for writing this paper is to encourage people engaged ...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nordcode 2006

Angeliki_Dimaki.pdf 94k

Arild_Berg.pdf 224k

Birger_Sevaldson.pdf 94k

Cheryl_Akner_Koler.pdf 887k

Cheryl_Akner_Koler_figure7.pdf 220k

Crilly_Clarkson.pdf 41k

Eva_Wengelin.pdf 36k

Harald_Skulberg.pdf 29k

Hilde_Oesteraas_Berntsen.pdf 73k

Jan_Capjon.pdf 52k

Martina_Maria_Keitsch.pdf 36k

Shahriman_Zainal_Abidin.pdf 18k

Tom_Vavik.pdf 87k

ebbesen&vihma.pdf 27k

eikeland roald.pdf 82k

kilbourn.pdf 288k

orns.pdf 407k