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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Research at IDE TU Delft

Research Update 2005

Recently the Research Update 2005 ( pdf, 1.6 Mb) has been published, containing a summary of the status and a number of recent publications for each of the fourteen research programmes of the IDE faculty.

Research at IDE, TU Delft

Products matter

Products play an important role in modern life. They can give us enjoyment; make us feel part of a group. Products can set us free, but they also can restrict us.

We use our mobile phone to keep in touch with our friends. But the very same product annoys us when someone else is calling a friend while we are reading quietly. Products can make us feel frustrated when they don’t work, or scare us when they look complicated. They can infuriate us when they’re too expensive or even cause serious injuries when they malfunction.

Products deserve to be studied. We need to research products and how we develop and use them. After all, they make up such an important part of our lives.

This is research

We conduct research in many ways. We investigate new design principles by incorporating knowledge and by testing hypotheses through prototypes. We apply the latest insights and technology in ground-breaking designs. That is why you will see strange prototypes at our faculty. Or you might see something that looks like a product, ready to be sold. Next door you could be confronted with a user panel interview or people analysing a questionnaire on product perception.

These are methods, methods to keep theoretical development close to real-world applicability, methods in scientific research on products and product development. Make no mistake, this is research.

Monday, August 28, 2006

IDSA -- Innovation

Innovation: Summer 2006

Innovation, IDSA's quarterly design journal.
Selected articles from the current issue are available in PDF below.

From the Editor
Mark Dziersk, FIDSA, Executive Editor of Innovation, Senior Vice President of Herbst Lazar Bell, Inc.

Digital Ethnography: Sparking Brilliant Innovation
Darrel Rhea, IDSA, CEO, Cheskin, and Lisa Leckle, account management director, Cheskin

Market Research Today: How to Stay on Target
Forrest Elizabeth Folsom, marketing communications manager, Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc.

A Visit with the Chair Man
Bruce Sterling, novelist, journalist, columnist for Wired magazine and the former Visionary in Residence at the Art Center College of Design.

A Searchable Index of Innovation article subjects from 1981 to 2005.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

HUB Magazine

HUB magazine
A HUB magazine exclusive conversation, with Tim Manners.
Nissan vice president Jan Thompson on how a passion for "vibrant design" is driving a high-wire revival of a formerly faltering brand.
(download PDF)

The HUB provides the highest-quality editorial environment, and reaches the highest-quality, Fortune 1000 audience, entirely on the "client" side of marketing.
Centered on insights, ideas and innovation, the HUB is written exclusively for senior-level marketing executives. Published bi-monthly by Tim Manners and the staff of and Cool News of the Day, the HUB features issue-oriented articles primarily based on case studies and other research.

Each issue of the HUB features a cover story Q&A interview with a high-level marketing executive. Cover interviews have included interviews with CMOs including
John Fleming of Wal-Mart,
Leslie Kilgore of Netflix,
Anne Saunders of Starbucks,
Geoffrey Frost of Motorola,
Dave Burwick of Pepsi,
Cathy Bessant of Bank of America,
Joe Tripodi of Allstate,
Jim Speros of Ernst & Young and
Beth Comstock of General Electric.
Other notables include Karen Jones of DHL,
Peter Moore of Xbox,
Dean Barrett of McDonalds,
Lisa Baird of NFL Properties,
Dennis Syracuse of Sony,
Chuck McLeish of Lego,
Bill Higgins of Cadbury Adams,
Chuck Rubin of Office Depot,
Howard Handler of Virgin Mobil USA and
Perrin Kaplan of Nintendo.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Creativity Design Innovation

Creativity Design Innovation

[PDF] Creativity Design Innovation

[PDF] What Innovation Is

[PDF] Design Innovation:

[PDF] Logitech has delivered its latest wireless innovation

[PDF] 6316BW PowerDesign2

[PDF] Correlations between design maturity, leadership maturity, and ...

[PDF] Light emitting diodes: Eco-design Innovation Roadmap

2005 Competition Winners - details of winning designs (264 pdf file)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Stefano Marzano

Stefano Marzano

[PDF] Stefano Marzano

[PDF] Meeting the Challenges of Design Leadership

Managing Innovative Thinking + Design: DMI Design Management

[PDF] Suffusing the Organization with Design Consciousness

[PDF] Brand design for the long term

[PDF] World Culture_ECCO - microsoftspotlight_FINAL 3

[PDF] Towards a continuous personalization experience

[PDF] value news

[PDF] The new Industrial Design program and faculty in Eindhoven

[PDF] Innovating innovation

[PDF] Managing Design and Designers for Strategic Renewal

CPH127 - Design and Innovation

[PDF] Micro-Foundations of Organizational Adaptation

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Creation Nets

Creation Nets

[PDF] Creation Nets
Creation Nets: Harnessing the Potential of Open Innovation
John Hagel III
John Seely Brown
April 2006

continuum of maturity (23 kb PDF)

[PDF] oft kao 22oct03

[PDF] Improving Institutional Performance through IT-Enabled Innovation

[PDF] National Innovation Initiative Interim Report

[PDF] Design for the Flat World

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Design information

Design Information
VISION STATEMENT. We envision a College of Architecture that bridges the aesthetic concerns of the. discipline of Architecture with the problems ... Objective: Increase the design culture awareness and sophistication of our. students. ...

[PDF] Branding Leaders

[PDF] the power of interaction design
(7.55MB, pp125)


[PDF] Building a Leadership Vision: Eleven Strategic Challenges for ...

[PDF] The Hannover Principles Design for Sustainability Prepared for ...

[PDF] Chapter 1: Preface