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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

AIGA: process for designing solutions

AIGA: process for designing solutions
The 2006 Summit will look at the interaction between design and three themes: education innovation, sustainable community development, and social entrepreneurship. Each theme will be explored by three recognized agents of change, through featured presentations, after which the presenters will jointly issue a design challenge. These challenges will then be further investigated in the theme-related Aspen Action Studios.
2005 Aspen Design Summit
2004 ambient : interface
2003 SAFE: Design Takes on Risk
2002 What Matters Now?
2001 The More Things Change
2000 Spirit of Design
1998 Sports Design - It's not about Sports, it's about Design
1997 Hollywood: A Design for Living!
1996 Gestalt: Visions of German Design
1995 New Business: Redefining the Idea of Design
1994 Design and Human Bodies
1993 Reconstruction Ahead
1992 Get Real!
1991 Bare Bones
1990 Growing by Design
1989 The Italian Manifesto
1988 The Cutting Edge
1987 Success and Failure
1986 Insight and Outlook: Views of British Design
1985 Illusion is Truth
1984 Neighbors: Canada, Mexico and the U.S.
1983 The Future Isn't What It Used to Be
1982 The Prepared Professional
1981 The Italian Idea
1980 Form and Purpose

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Doing Research

Doing Research
This section is designed to help staff and students find information about the process of doing research, with links to resources such as referencing style manuals, presentation and writing skills.
Writing Essays & Dissertations
How to Plan Research
Writing a Bibliography
Keeping Up-to-Date
Presentation Skills
Writing Business Plans
Judge Business School Authors
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Friday, June 16, 2006

Women in Design

Women in Design

[PDF] E-brand Design with 3C Strategy
identify the effects of emotional e-brand contents and the designer’s role of visualizing the emotional ... allows women to concept, design, name, and. Table 1. Analysis of six e-brands according to the 3C strategy ...

[PDF] 2005 idsa national conference
Women in Design. The 85% Population ...

German industrial designer, a British artist,. a Brazilian architect, a millionaire and former ... Women represent a growing group of Volvo Cars. customers. Over 50% of the company’s customers in. the USA are women. ...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Design Council UK

About Design: Postcards
A design knowledge resource written by world experts

A look at why the UK needs design and a report on the Design Council's work across business, the public sector and the design industry

Design in technology research
Six designers have teamed up with six researchers to see how design can speed technology's journey from the lab to the marketplace. This report describes what happened.

Red Paper 01 Health - Co-creating Services
A new 'co-creation' approach to health care is set out in this paper from the Design Council's RED unit.

The Business of Design
In-depth research on the UK's design industry providing detailed data on everything from scale and economic clout to education and skills.

The Impact of School Learning Environments - A Literature Review
An overview of academic research commissioned for the Design Council's Learning Environments Campaign.

The Practical Power of Design
This brochure outlines the Design Council's new strategy and explains how we are putting our plans into action.

Design in Britain 2004-2005
The more businesses use design, the more successful they're likely to be. That's the clear message from Design in Britain 2004-2005.

Platform & Incubator: Helping realise creative entrepreneurship
Distilling the lessons from two initiatives to broaden design students' understanding of business issues.

Monday, June 05, 2006

MIT Video -- Tim Brown

MIT Video – Tim Brown
Innovation Through Design Thinking (Video)

Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, gave a talk at MIT on
Innovation Through Design Thinking.
In the presentation, he talked about designing by looking through the eyes of people
(empathic approach). He walked through a broad three stage process of
inspiration, ideation and implementation with an example of a design method in each area.
Link to MIT World Video Description
Direct Link to Video
Via <>

Innovation Through Design Thinking

Design Innovation—the New Interface

Is brand loyalty a thing of the past?

Folks have been talking about the declining importance of brand in marketing arenas for some time now. Many suggest the spread of information technology has led to better educated, more fickle consumers who are less willing to place their faith in a logo or a name. Nokia and Sony’s recent declines surely seem to support that angle.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

User Centred Design

User Centred Design centred design.pdf groups

The Design of Things to Come : How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Products

IMPACT: The Synergy of Design, Technology, and Business