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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

AIGA: process for designing solutions

AIGA: process for designing solutions
The 2006 Summit will look at the interaction between design and three themes: education innovation, sustainable community development, and social entrepreneurship. Each theme will be explored by three recognized agents of change, through featured presentations, after which the presenters will jointly issue a design challenge. These challenges will then be further investigated in the theme-related Aspen Action Studios.
2005 Aspen Design Summit
2004 ambient : interface
2003 SAFE: Design Takes on Risk
2002 What Matters Now?
2001 The More Things Change
2000 Spirit of Design
1998 Sports Design - It's not about Sports, it's about Design
1997 Hollywood: A Design for Living!
1996 Gestalt: Visions of German Design
1995 New Business: Redefining the Idea of Design
1994 Design and Human Bodies
1993 Reconstruction Ahead
1992 Get Real!
1991 Bare Bones
1990 Growing by Design
1989 The Italian Manifesto
1988 The Cutting Edge
1987 Success and Failure
1986 Insight and Outlook: Views of British Design
1985 Illusion is Truth
1984 Neighbors: Canada, Mexico and the U.S.
1983 The Future Isn't What It Used to Be
1982 The Prepared Professional
1981 The Italian Idea
1980 Form and Purpose


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