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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Views from Copenhagen

Views from Copenhagen

Copenhagen // September 2005
Danmarks Designskole hosted the Cumulus Conference September 2005.

Opening speech by the Danish Minister of Culture


Karen Lisa Salamon Educating Tomorrow’s designer

John L. Petersen Four T’s To The Future

Yrjö Sotamaa Conference Strategy

Yrjö Sotamaa Cumulus 15 years

Liz Sanders Design serving People

Has been released. Download pdf version!

Click to watch video from INDEX: Views Summit (25-28 September 2005),
created by the designers Karen Kyed and Cille Veerasawmy.
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INDEX: 2007 in Copenhagen is in the making
INDEX: award and exhibition will take place every two years.
The next INDEX: is taking off in 2007.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Knowledge-driven Economy

knowledge-driven economy

studies_innovation_management.pdf (pp164)

Study on intangibles.pdf

CIMA_understanding corporate valuel.pdf

DTI_creating_value_self test.pdf

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Brand-driven Innovation

Brand-driven Innovation

Brand Driven Innovation: fullfilling brand promise through new product development, by Erik Roscam Abbing MSc. (pp151, 9.79MB)

Brand & Product Strategy lecture
Dowload the presentation here.

design thinking
Thinking About Design Thinking

The Information of the Future

Review: Bruce Sterling's Shaping Things

A Definition of Interaction Design

Design Egomaniacs

Thursday, December 22, 2005

What Is

What Is

[PDF] introduction - what is graphic design

[PDF] What is design

[PDF] Design principles the engineer's contribution to society


[PDF] Goal-Directed Design
This definition applies across all design disciplines, although the precise focuson form versus content versus behavior varies by ... tools is that good designmakes users more effective.

[PDF] Branding Leaders

[PDF] Why Research-oriented Design Isn’t Design-oriented Research

[PDF] Ontologies and Methods in Interdisciplinary Design

[PDF] Good design is a coincident

[PDF] Definition of Engineering Psychology

The Elements of User Experience User-Centered Design for the Web
chapter 2: meet the elements
the original diagram that started it all translations of the original diagram the simple planes poster teaser posters: #1 #2 #3

[PDF] Ten Design Principles: and some implications

[PDF] Design Critiquing Systems

[PDF] Why Good Design Doesn’t Always Guarantee Success

[PDF] Responsible Design Is Good Business

[PDF] Developing Tangible Strategies

[PDF] Perspectives on Communicating the Value of Design


[PDF] Brand and/or Design

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Trading Up

Trading Up

Trading Up: Why Consumers Want New Luxury Goods? and How Companies Create Them examines the business and social forces that have fueled the New Luxury phenomenon worldwide, tells stories of successful companies in the most important New Luxury categories, and includes discussion of the practices and methods that companies and leaders can use to take advantage of the trading-up trend. Trading Up was first published in 2003. The revised and updated 2005 hardcover edition proves that the trading-up phenomenon has not only grown stronger and more prevalent in the marketplace, but is now widely recognized by both business and academic observers and is much discussed worldwide.

"Trading Up, Chapter 1"

[PDF] Trading Up Executive Summary (2.92MB)
key ideas characteristics emotional spaces ladder of benefits demand curve practices

"Trading Up: Trends, Brands, and Practices 2004 Research Update"
by Neil Fiske, Michael J. Silverstein
May 11, 2004

"Why Strategy Still Matters"
by Patrick Ducasse, Anthony Pralle, George Stalk, Jr.
December 1, 2005

"Taking Care of Brands Through Vertical Integration"
by Berndt Hauptkorn, Joe Manget, Stefan Rasch
November 15, 2005

BCG's focus on conceptual, strategic thinking has yielded many breakthrough ideas that have become classics of strategy. The experience curve, time-based competition, sustainable growth, and total shareholder value are BCG concepts that many organizations have leveraged to enhance positioning.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

PDMA - Visions

PDMA - Visions

- BMW Group AG (click here for 2002 conference award presentation - 3.4 MB download)

[PDF] Public Research Institutes as Facilitators in the New Product ...

[PDF] Design Drivers
ADSL 2005 folder - Integrated Product Development (1.7 MB)

[PDF] Antti Ainamo and Mika Pantzar DESIGN FOR THE INFORMATION SOCIETY ...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Steelcase - Workspace Evolution

Steelcase - Workspace Evolution

THE NEXT EVOLUTION of the Personal Workspace by Mike Firlik
Download Full-Color Magazine-Style PDF

A Deeper Shade of Green by Eileen Raphael
Download Full-Color Magazine-Style PDF

Clever by DesignBy Matthew Maier, Bridget Finn, Elizabeth Esfahani,
January 24, 2005.
Click here for the reprint.

TED CONFERENCE 2005: Was it the Biology or the Chemistry?
by Barry M. Katz
Download Full-Color Magazine-Style PDF
A look at TED Conference 2005 – participants, ideas and design.

The Business of Color
Download Full-Color Magazine-Style PDF

Not Your Parents’ Campus
Download Full-Color Magazine-Style PDF

[PDF] 6316BW PowerDesign2

[PDF] Workplace effectiveness research

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Creativity in Business

Creativity in Business

Cox Review of Creativity in Business: building on the UK’s strengths

The success of the creative industries notwithstanding, there is evidence that UK business is not realising the full potential of applying creativity more widely. The Cox review was commissioned to look at how best to enhance UK business productivity by drawing on our world-leading creative capabilities. The review has consulted extensively with key stakeholders in producing its findings, including the creative industries, businesses in a range of others sectors, education institutions and regional and devolved bodies, as well as international contacts, and has received invaluable contributions from a wide range of individuals and organisations.

PDF file of Foreword, Definition of terms and Executive summary (150KB)

PDF file of Chapter 1, The growing competitive threat to the UK (238KB)

PDF file of Chapter 2, The importance of creativity, design and innovation to business performance and the UK economy (242KB)

PDF file of Chapter 3, The barriers to greater creativity in the smaller business (137KB)

PDF file of Chapter 4, Raising awareness and changing behaviour (275KB)

PDF file of Chapter 5, Providing support and incentive (348KB)

PDF file of Chapter 6, Preparing futuregenerations of creative specialists and business leaders (224KB)

PDF file of Chapter 7, Using the power of public procurement (263KB)

PDF file of Chapter 8, Creating greater visibility for the UK’s creative capabilities (375KB)

PDF file of Conclusion and Thanks (55KB)

PDF file of DTI Economics Paper No.15: Creativity, Design and Business Performance of the role of creativity and design (DTI website)

Design Korea 2005

Design Korea 2005

[PDF] [Design Korea 2005] [World Best Design Exchange 2005 Seoul]
The Korea Times : [Design Korea 2005 ]

red dot online: Visions of a World of Tomorrow: Design Korea 2005 ...
These were the questions dealt with at the conference “Design Korea 2005 –International Conference on Design Innovation” which took place on the occasionof the ten day “World Best Design Exchange” in Seoul, Korea, from 1 until 10 ...

Korea: Design For Success


BusinessWeek Online: BW Magazine
BusinessWeek's 2005 lineup reflects the growing importance of China and India –and the spread of Asia's vibrant culture around ... Korea: Design For SuccessChung Kook Hyun, Chief Design Strategist, Samsung Electronics Co., South Korea ...

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

[PDF] "Brand Management Strategies: 10 Key Points" (June 2003 ...

[PDF] Rethinking Brand Strategy: A "Mindshare" Manifesto
What is a Brand? A winning brand strategy—one that is integrated into a company's overall business strategy …


[PDF] Building Strong Brands Better, Faster, and Cheaper

[PDF] The 100 TopBrands

[PDF] Branding Leaders
Brand > Strategy : Naming : Design : Communications : Advertising : Culture

Download the presentation describing the design considerations of the typeface
(PDF, in Danish only, 1.7 MB)

Download Kontrapunkt's contribution to the exhibition:
Child Inc: What if Denmark made parenting effortless?
(PDF, 16 pages, 3.4 MB)

ASID research

ASID research publications

In the Open: How Design Can Protect Privacy
Download a copy of this report

Better Sound Solutions: Applying Occupant and Building Performance Measurement and Design to Improve Office Acoustics
Download a copy of this report

Sound Solutions: Increasing Office Productivity ThroughIntegrated Acoustic Planning and Noise Reduction Strategies
Download a copy of this report

Workplace Values: How Employees Want to Work
Download a copy of this report

FutureWork2020, Phase Two: Presenting the Future of the Workplace
Download a copy of this report

Strategic Mapping Research: Phase IVMarketing Factors and Consulting Principles
Download a copy of this report

Aging in Place: Aging and the Impact of Interior Design
Download a copy of this report

Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Employees -- By Design
Download a copy of this report

Productive Solutions:The Impact of Interior Design on the Bottom Line
Download a copy of this report

Productive Workplaces: How Design Increases Productivity --Expert Insights
Download a copy of this report

ASID Environmental Scanning Report
Download a copy of this report

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography



Annotated Bibliography of Social Network Analysis for Business

Putting facets on the web: an annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography of interaction design

Friday, December 16, 2005

Innovation Landscape

Innovation Landscape

A Call to Innovation - Joyce Wycoff
InnovationDNA™: Framework of Principles
The Ten Types of Innovation
Innovation Landscapes

[PDF] The Big Ten Innovation Killers

2004 List of Top Ten Organizations Receiving Most Patents
US Patent Office Puts Intel in Top Ten

Stand and Deliver a Top 10 List - Editorial - CMO Magazine

Sibson: The Innovation Gap

business2blog: Top Ten Startup Rules

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Strategic Innovators

Strategic Innovators

Vijay Govindarajan (VG) is the Earl C. Daum 1924 Professor of International Business and director of Tuck's Center for Global Leadership. He has been cited by BusinessWeek and Forbes as one of the top ten professors in strategy.

Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators—from Idea to Execution
Discover how to transform breakthrough ideas into breakthrough growth.
Harvard Business School Press. Learn more »

See also the Harvard Business Review article adapted from the book,
"Building Breakthrough Businesses Within Established Organizations."

Learn more about VG's thinking on Changing the Rules of the Game, Organizational Capabilities for Global Leadership, and Building Breakthrough Businesses Within Established Organizations.
See and hear VG describing his Box 1-2-3 Framework in a short video clip.
Visit the Consulting Section »
Download a PDF »

In his role as director of the Center for Global Leadership at the Tuck School, VG provides oversight to the center's research initiatives. The center is currently researching best practices for innovation with a central hypothesis that there are many different kinds of innovation requiring different organizational approaches. The center's approach to research is to create thoughtful learning partnerships with corporations.

"Helping CEOs and Senior Executives Build Strategic Thinking Capability"
Voices From the Corporate Cutting Edge

Fight or Acquire - Vijay Govindarajan & Chris Trimble
When confronted with a brash startup wielding a revolutionary technology, incumbents can fight…or they can simply reach into their deep pockets and acquire.

Sparks of Innovation

Sparks of Innovation

The 36-page SPARKS OF INNOVATION magazine (2.0 MB) is now available in PDF format.

SPARKS OF INNOVATION Magazine includes the stories of people whose lives have been changed by innovations. There are clear explanations of the science and engineering behind advances; anecdotes about great successes and failures in technology; listings of history's most important innovations; suggested books and museum resources; and broadcast and program information. Articles demonstrate the exciting possibilities and risks of new technologies, as well as issues confronting people who invest time and money in the search for innovation.,295,p1.html,323,p1.html
Innovations for Aging
New technologies can improve safety -- and everyday life -- for older people.

Design Vision 2015

Design Vision 2015

[PDF] Amazing Pace: Shared Views on the Design Process

[PDF] Corporate Strategy: Bringing Design Management into the Fold

[PDF] Once Upon a Startup . . .


For an overview of the Design Management Review issue, you can
download (pdf) the introduction by Dr. Thomas Walton, Editor.

[PDF] Future Vision 2015: Building a User-Focused Vision for Future ...

Building a User-Focused Vision for Future Technology

Developing Diverse Usage Models

Intel's future vision addresses the technology needs of a global community while recognizing the diversity of usage models, as well as geographical and socio-economic conditions. A team of Intel researchers, including social scientists, engineers and designers, is exploring the future from a new perspective.

This team has thus far identified four important insights:

Technology isn't important to most users as long as it works and allows them to accomplish what they want.

Value is placed on a sense of community, whether it's connecting with family, or other associations.

Personal development is important to most users, including spiritual growth, as well as moral and ethical issues.

Institutional relationships are changing. Medical institutions and government agencies are focusing on new areas, such as remote patient monitoring and surveillance that might prevent terrorist attacks.

In response to these insights, Intel has expanded its focus from scenario- and trend-based research to include these four new categories:

The Community Our networks of family, friends, associates and those with whom we share interests will shift as new technologies change the ways we connect.

The Institution From corporate brands to the role of government, converged technologies and real-time information change relations of power and notions of accountability between people and the institutions we interact with in our daily lives.

The Body Converged computing means new devices worn on (or in) the body, new medical technologies, and new ways of sensing and perceiving the world.

The Spirit Offering individuals the chance to chase their dreams, find more fulfilling or engaging pursuits, even a greater sense of connectedness to the world around them, the past and the future.

For a full description, read the paper, "Spirits, Bodies, Communities and Institutions: Approaching User-Centered Design from Multiple Levels.”

See a presentation on how Intel is "Building a 2015 Vision."

Monday, December 12, 2005

Educational Researcher

Educational Researcher

Designing New Media Education Research: The Materiality of Data, Prepresentation and Dissemination
(PDF) Rick Volthofer

How to Publish in Scholarly Journals
(PDF) Janette K. Klingner, David Scanlon, and Michael Pressley

2005 DeWitt Wallace-Reader's Digest Distinguished LectureA Forward Glance in a Mirror: Diversity Challenged--Access, Equity, and Success in Higher Education
(PDF) Walter R. Allen

2005 Presidential AddressThe New Teacher Education: For Better or For Worse?
(PDF) Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Scholars Before Researchers: On the Centrality of the Dissertation Literature Review in Research Preparation
(PDF)David N. Boote and Penny Belle

What is "Good" Education Research? (PDF)Karl Hostetler

Doctoral Preparation of Scientifically Based Education Researchers
(PDF) Margaret Eisenhart and Robert L. DeHaan

Telling Identities: In Search of an Analytic Tool for Investigating Learning as a Culturally Shaped Activity (PDF)Anna Sfard and Anna Prusak

Self-Care and the Qualitative Researcher: When Collecting Data Can Break Your Heart
(PDF) Kathleen B. Rager

Mapping the Process: An Exemplar of Process and Challenge in Grounded Theory Analysis
(PDF) Beth Harry, Keith M. Sturges, and Janette K. Klingner

Sunday, December 11, 2005

DHRS 2005

DHRS 2005

Fifth DanishHuman Computer InteractionResearch Symposium
Copenhagen Business School November 8, 2005

Proceedings from the five preceding symposia are at






Practice-based Research

Practice-Based Research
Six Views of Embodied Cognition
Margaret Wilson


Friday, December 09, 2005

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

[PDF] What is ID?

[PDF] Comprehensive Description of Industrial Design


[PDF] Industrial Design: 100% digital product design

[PDF] Industrial Design Centre Information Brochure

[PDF] Course Catalog - Spring 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

[PDF] Computing History Timeline
MWSF2005 Steve Jobs Notes

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

[PDF] Discovering Logo Design Trends: Methodology and Practice

[PDF] Design As a State-of-Mind: The Aesthetics of Design and the Art of Marketing

[PDF] Corporate logos: case studies describing how two companies decide ...

[PDF] "Brand Management Strategies: 10 Key Points" (June 2003)

[PDF] Rethinking Brand Strategy: A "Mindshare" Manifesto


[PDF] Building Strong Brands Better, Faster, and Cheaper

[PDF] The 100 TopBrands 2005

IDEO - David Kelley

IDEO - David Kelley

Boing Boing: New IDEO book, Thoughtless Acts



Stanford Institute of Design multidisciplinary design ...

Online Extra: Design's New School Of Thought

Strategy by Design

Table of Contents June 2005

Health Forum Journal

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Design for Elderly People

Design for Elderly People