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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Creativity in Business

Creativity in Business

Cox Review of Creativity in Business: building on the UK’s strengths

The success of the creative industries notwithstanding, there is evidence that UK business is not realising the full potential of applying creativity more widely. The Cox review was commissioned to look at how best to enhance UK business productivity by drawing on our world-leading creative capabilities. The review has consulted extensively with key stakeholders in producing its findings, including the creative industries, businesses in a range of others sectors, education institutions and regional and devolved bodies, as well as international contacts, and has received invaluable contributions from a wide range of individuals and organisations.

PDF file of Foreword, Definition of terms and Executive summary (150KB)

PDF file of Chapter 1, The growing competitive threat to the UK (238KB)

PDF file of Chapter 2, The importance of creativity, design and innovation to business performance and the UK economy (242KB)

PDF file of Chapter 3, The barriers to greater creativity in the smaller business (137KB)

PDF file of Chapter 4, Raising awareness and changing behaviour (275KB)

PDF file of Chapter 5, Providing support and incentive (348KB)

PDF file of Chapter 6, Preparing futuregenerations of creative specialists and business leaders (224KB)

PDF file of Chapter 7, Using the power of public procurement (263KB)

PDF file of Chapter 8, Creating greater visibility for the UK’s creative capabilities (375KB)

PDF file of Conclusion and Thanks (55KB)

PDF file of DTI Economics Paper No.15: Creativity, Design and Business Performance of the role of creativity and design (DTI website)


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