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Sunday, January 15, 2006

DMI Design Management

Design Management

For an overview of the current Design Management Review issue, you can download (pdf) for free the introduction by Dr. Thomas Walton, Editor.

Thomas Walton's Editor’s Notes: Design Management as a Business and Academic Discipline (PDF).

Wise Counsel: A Trinity of Perspectives on the Business Value of Design, Winter 2002
by Martin Gierke, Brand Research and Education Manager, Caterpillar Inc., James Hansen, Chairman and Co-founder, Source/Inc., Raymond Turner, Group Design Director, BAA

Design as Advantage No. 1: The Design + Identity50, Winter 2000
by Tom Peters

Steering the Brand in the Auto Iindustry, Winter 2003by Jéan-Leon Bouchenoire, Principal, GlobalBrandOne

Lessons from the Trenches: Insights from Design Management Seminars, Summer 2002 by Peter Phillips, Corporate Identity and Design Strategy Consultant

Designing Global Brands: Critical Lessons, Fall 2001, by Larry Roellig, Executive Vice President, Consumer Branding, Enterprise IG

Meeting the Challenges of Design Leadership
The 10th European International Conference on Design Management
March 29-31, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Leading with Design
Design leadership has many interpretations, ranging from inspiration to collaboration, and from culture to globalization. At this conference, learn how experts lead with design in a climate of change; how design managers adapt to this new challenge; how thought leaders interpret changing socioeconomic dynamics; and how to get inside “leadership” to become more effective design leaders.

Keynote Presentation:
A Question of Choice
Stefano Marzano, CEO and Chief Creative Director, Philips DesignLearn how Philips Design is redefining its definition of design and how this is affecting their efforts to innovate in both traditional and new developing markets.

A question of choice
Philips Design's CEO and Chief Creative Director, Stefano Marzano, gave a key note speech during the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong.
+

A Few Featured Presentations:
Design as a Process
Christoph Böninger, President, designafairs Europe
Design Leadership: A Commercial Imperative
Raymond Turner FCSD, Principal, Raymond Turner Associates—Design Leadership Consultants
Design Leadership in a Climate of Corporate Responsibility
Rachel Cooper, PhD, Professor of Design Management,
Adelphi Research Institute for Creative Arts and Sciences, University of Salford

People as a Source of Breakthrough Innovation
By Stefano Marzano, Design CEO & Chief Creative Director, Philips Design
From the Design Management Review, Vol. 16, No. 2, Spring 2005

The product visions are startling—jackets with cell phones and MP3 players, multimedia furniture, a radiography department where patients design the scanning experience. With these and other examples, Stefano Marzano articulates Philips Design's human-centered techniques for exploring the frontiers of creativity—strategies that blend an in-depth understanding of markets, the firm’s special competencies, and the interface with customers. Download article

Stefano Marzano is the keynote speaker at the 10th International European Conference on Design Management.

[PDF] Brand design for the long term
[PDF] Meeting the Challenges of Design Leadership
[PDF] value news


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