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Thursday, January 12, 2006

DTI UK Creative Economics

DTI Economics Papers Series

No. 15. Creativity, Design and Business Performance
download (1.05Mb)

No. 14. Public Policy: Using Market-Based Approaches
download (605Kb)

No. 13. Corporate Governance, Human Resourse Management and Firm Performance
download (508Kb)

No. 12. The Empirical Economics of Standards
download (992Kb)

No. 11. R & D Intensive Businesses in the UK
download (287Kb)

No. 10. Liberalisation & Globalisation: Maximising the Benefits of International Trade & Investment
download (399Kb)

No. 9. The Benefits from Competition: some illustrative UK cases by Professor Stephen Davies, Heather Coles, Matthew Olczak, Christopher Pike and Christopher Wilson
download (3754Kb)

No. 8. Raising UK Productivity - Developing the Evidence Base for Policy
download (484Kb)

No. 7. Competing in the Global Economy - The Innovation Challenge
download (484Kb)

No. 6. UK Productivity and Competitiveness Indicators 2003
download (436Kb)

No. 5. DTI Strategy - The Analysis
download (160Kb)

No. 4. Options for a Low Carbon Future
download (607Kb)

No. 3. UK Competitiveness: moving to the next stage by Professor Michael Porter and Christian H M Ketels
download (275Kb)

No. 2. A comparative study of the British and Italian textile and clothing industries by Nicholas Owen
download (297Kb)

No. 1. Bundling, tying and portfolio effects:
Part 1: Conceptual Issues by Professor Barry Nalebuff
download (317Kb)
Part 2: Case Studies by Professor Barry Nalebuff and Charles River Associates
download (415Kb)

Occasional Paper Series
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DTI Sector Competitiveness Studies
No.1. Competitiveness in the UK Electronics Sector
Introduction PDF (58 Kb)
Chapter 1 PDF (30 Kb)
Chapter 2 PDF (123 Kb)
Chapter 3 PDF (197 Kb)
Chapter 4 PDF (108 Kb)
Chapter 5 PDF (43 Kb)
Chapter 6 PDF (40 Kb)
Chapter 7 PDF (36 Kb)
Chapter 8 PDF (35 Kb)
Annex A PDF (40 Kb)
Annex B PDF (43 Kb)

Other DTI Economics Documents
UK Productivity and Competitiveness Indicators
The Goverment's response to the consultation on indicators of productivity

[PDF] www .uk

GNN - Government News Network

Cox Review of Creativity in Business: building on the UK’s strengths
PDF file of Foreword, Definition of terms and Executive summary (150KB)
PDF file of Chapter 1, The growing competitive threat to the UK (238KB)
PDF file of Chapter 2, The importance of creativity, design and innovation to business performance and the UK economy (242KB)
PDF file of Chapter 3, The barriers to greater creativity in the smaller business (137KB)
PDF file of Chapter 4, Raising awareness and changing behaviour (275KB)
PDF file of Chapter 5, Providing support and incentive (348KB)
PDF file of Chapter 6, Preparing futuregenerations of creative specialists and business leaders (224KB)
PDF file of Chapter 7, Using the power of public procurement (263KB)
PDF file of Chapter 8, Creating greater visibility for the UK’s creative capabilities (375KB)PDF file of Conclusion and Thanks (55KB)


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