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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Better Branding

Better Branding

[PDF] Ten Tips for Better Branding

[PDF] The Five Golden Rules of Online Branding

Managing Image in a Dynamic Corporate Environment
By Kenneth J. Roberts, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lippincott Mercer
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Sense Issue 97
The 97th issue of Sense magazine examines the challenges of brand portfolio management

» Finding New Paths to Growth by Managing Brand Portfolios Well
by Rick Wise and Simon Glynn
» Strategic Branding for M&A Success
by Simon Glynn and Suzanne Hogan
» Building a Brand on the Touchpoints That Count
by Suzanne Hogan, Eric Almquist, and Simon E. Glynn
» Maximizing Returns from Brand Spending
Simon Glynn and Stephen Brien
» Keeping the Customer (Profitably) Satistfied
by Simon Glynn and Ewan Jones
» Brands Through People
by Simon Glynn
» The Ultimate Intangible: Measuring and Managing Brands as Strategic Assets
by Kenneth Roberts and Eric Almquist
» From Chaos to Constellation: Creating Better Brand Alignment on the Web
by Eliot Phillips
» The Satisfaction Payoff: You Can Make a Profit and Satisfy Customers—If You Know What They Want
by Simon Glynn and Ewan Jones
» Economics' Gift to Marketing: Understanding Demand Before It's Too Late
by Eric Almquist
» Nexperiment™: Optimizing Online Performance
by Eric Almquist
» Spin-off Spin: Lessons Learned About Brand Management
by James Bell
» Before Bouncing Back, Ask Pointed Questions
by John Allen
» The Board's Role in Protecting the Corporate Brand
by Kenneth Roberts
» Foundation For a New Business
interview with John Allen
» Managing Image in a Dynamic Corporate Environment
By Kenneth J. Roberts
» Using Experimental Design to Improve Marketing ROI
» Employee Communications Can Affect a CEO's Health
By Kenneth J. Roberts
» Brand Risk Management:Why Brands are Becoming More Valuable and More Vulnerable
By George Jurkowich and David Abrahams
» Branding and M&As:The Risks in "Getting the Deal Done"
By Suzanne Hogan and Ken Hodge
» Positioning a Brand in the Marketplace
By Suzanne Hogan
» Employees and Image: Bringing Brand Image to Life
By Suzanne Hogan
» Connecting Energy Company Brand Position to Brand Image
By Suzanne Hogan
» Speed, Content, and Navigation:The Winning Trifecta of an Effective Website
» A Discussion:Branding in the World of E-Commerce
Moderated by Myron Kandel
» Who?.comThe Race to Build Internet Brands
By Richard H. Wilke
» Brand Management for the Next Millennium
By James Bell
» Your Company's Identity Crisis
By Kenneth D. Love & Kenneth J. Roberts
» The TELUS Story:Brand Management Strategies for a Customer-Focused Identity
By Kathryn H. Feakins
» Rethinking Brand Strategy:A "Mindshare" Manifesto
By Eric Almquist and Kenneth J. Roberts
» Assessing a Brand's Health:Ready For the Next Move?
By Suzanne Hogan
» Anticipating Brand Opportunities:What Ever Happened to Burma-Shave?
By John Kania and Adrian Slywotzky
» Designing the Branded Experience:How Conoco Broke the Convenience Store Mold
By Kathryn H. Feakins and Michael Zea
» Delivering on the Brand Promise:Making Every Employee a Brand Manager
By Carla Heaton and Rick Guzzo
» The Link Between Identity and Growth
By Kenneth J. Roberts
» J. Gordon Lippincott Founder, Lippincott & Margulies, 1909-1998

» Four Ways to Generate Greater Brand Efficiency
By John Allen
» Bring on the Recession
By Robert G. Atkins and Adrian J. Slywotzky
» Don't Let Your Brand Falter During a Recession
By Eric Almquist


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