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Friday, January 06, 2006

Rotman - Dean: Roger Martin

The Power of Design
Questions for: Patrick Whitney

"What Canada Could be for Education in the 21st Century"
Memos to the Prime Minister: What Canada Could be in the 21st Century
(John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2001)

"Breaking the Code of Change: Observations and Critique"
Breaking the Code of Change (Harvard Business School Press, 2000)

Demand for Innovation (August 2002)

Canadian Competitiveness: A Decade After the Crossroads
(With Michael Porter, May 2001)

Breakthrough Ideas for 2005: Validity vs. Reliability
(February 2005)

BusinessWeek Online's Innovation & Design Channel
India and China: Not Just Cheap (December 13, 2005)

Designing in Hostile Territory (Nov.17, 2005)

Reliability vs. Validity (Sept.29, 2005)

Why Decisions Need Design, Part 2 (Sept.1, 2005)

Why Decisions Need Design, Part 1 (Aug.30, 2005)

Creativity That Goes Deep (August 3, 2005)

AFR (Australian Financial Review) Boss
Endnote: The Design of Business (May 2005)
Talent vs. Capital (September 2003)

The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce Bulletin
The Design of Business (November 2004)

Fast Company
What Distance Learning Can't Buy
(Fast Company Online, October 2000)

SpencerStuart Directors' Summary: Leadership
Integrative Thinking (Fall 1999)

Rotman Magazine
Embedding Design Into Business (Fall 2005)

The Power of Happiness (Spring/Summer 2005)

Validity vs. Reliability: Implications for Management (Winter 2005)

Our Love-Hate Relationship with Monetary Incentives (Fall 2004)

Partnering for Investment in Canada's Future (Sping 2004)

The Design of Business (Winter 2004)

Capital vs. Talent: The Battle That's Reshaping Business (Fall 2003)

The Virtue Matrix (Spring 2003)

The Fundamental Problem with Stock-Based Compensation (Winter 2003)

Integrative Thinking: A Model Takes Shape (Fall 2002)

Innovation vs. Implementation: Mastering the Tensions (Spring/Summer 2002)

Growing Communities of Human Capital (Winter 2002)

Setting Our Sights on Innovation: Canada at the Crossroads (Fall 2001)

Branding as Business Strategy (Spring/Summer 2001)

Debunking Entrepreneurship (Winter 2001)

The Death of Heroic Leadership (Fall 2000)

The Art of Integrative Thinking (with Hilary Austen) (Fall 1999)

A Prescription for Canadian Competitiveness (Spring/Summer 1999)


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