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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nature Inspired Creative Design

Nature Inspired Creative Design

"Nature Inspired Creative Design" is a new research network, part of the AHRB/EPSRC funded "Designing for the 21st Century" program. The network is based in CERCIA (the Centre of Excellence for Research in Computational Intelligence and Applications) at the University of Birmingham.

Thursday 26th May 05
Gail Troth- Self-organisation in paintings

Gregory Sporton/BIAD Visualisation Research Unit- Visualising as Research

Jeff Johnson- Embracing complexity in nature-inspired design

Tim Ball- The design of nature and the nature of design

Michael Collins- Aspects of design in the natural world

Friday 27th May 05
Thorsten Schnier- Evolving Art, and Computing Aesthetics (tar)

Lubo Jankovic- Emergent self-organising forms for design of buildings and structures (pdf)

Nick Monk- Development as creative design

Frederic Leymarie- Sculpting and Biomimetics (pdf)

Julian Vincent- Stealing design from nature


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