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Monday, October 17, 2005

Story telling through design

Story telling through design

  • Creating and communicating value(s)
    Design Management Journal
    by Roger Sametz and Andrew Maydoney
Design, communications design in particular, can create significant value for any organization. But if communications design is to deliver the highest possible value, the prevailing model of design needs to be re-envisioned.
download PDF of full articleDMI_values_article.pdf / 2.9M

  • Story telling through design
    Design Management Journal
    by Roger Sametz and Andrew Maydoney
While the methods and materials of design do give "form" to communication, the ultimate goal of mucking about with type, color, imagery, space, and time, is to tell stories—to connect "teller" to "listener" in a dialogue that builds comprehension, commitment, participation, loyalty, and trust.
download PDF of full articleDMI_storytelling_article.pdf / 2.2M

  • Information design: a map to meaning
    Presented in cooperation with Peter Lawrence, Chairman, Corporate Design Foundation
    by Andrew Maydoney
Information Design: A Map to Meaning—a presentation suggesting that in the most compelling information design, the expression of an idea should form a map to its meaning. This presentation includes collected exhibits and ideas from leading voices on the study of information design and its meaning. The first presentation of this material was given at Abt Associates in Cambridge Massachusetts.
download PDF of full articleSBA_information_design.pdf / 1.3M

  • Moving from corporate identity to brand identity:
    A great logo only gets you so far
    Boston Business Journal
    by Roger Sametz
    download PDF of full articleBBJ_CI_to_Brand.pdf / 44K


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