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Monday, October 17, 2005

Design + Innovation

Design + Innovation

Semantic & Aesthetic Functions in Design
Report of the workshop and three papers from the 2nd Nordcode Seminar
(University of Art and Design Helsinki & Helsinki University of Technology)
(tags: jacob design semantics aesthetics ux experiencedesign)

Design Thinking (
Seems like a good book by Peter G. Rowe, anyone here read it?
(tags: jacob design thinking book)

The Seamless Connection: From Strategy, Brand and Innovation to Product, Service and Experience
Article by Craig Vogel, Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan,
not quite new but I just found out it had not been posted before.
(tags: jacob strategy brand innovation product service experience)

Pure play – or pure pain?
Presentation at IVREA by John Thackara
on new business concepts for interactive products and services
(tags: jacob thackara design interactiondesign servicedesign ux experiencedesign)

Making Sense - Design for well-being
(tags: jacob design research sensemaking)

Philips - Creating Value by Design
(tags: jacob philips design)
Managing as Designing
Excerpt from Chapter 1, "Design Matters for Management"
(tags: jacob book design management designmanagement)

Design as a framework for innovative thinking and learning
"How can design thinking reform education?"
by Dr Janis Norman, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USA
(tags: jacob design education innovation thinking learning)

More Over, Da Vinci (TIME)
"How design guru David Kelley is bringing fresh thinking to big business"
(tags: jacob design dschool ideo thinking time article)

Competitive Advantage through Design
A few years old but not irrelevant
(tags: jacob design business competitiveness)

Co-experience: the Social User Experience
(tags: jacob research ux usercentric experiencedesign co-creation)

Culture & Creativity: The Next Ten Years
Seems like the UK response to Richard Florida theory (via
(tags: jacob culture creativity uk florida)


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