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Friday, October 14, 2005

Design Research Proposal

Design Research Proposal

[PDF] A Model of Design Research

Annotated Research Bibliography

The annotated bibliography below is in 3 parts, taken from
the Journal Visible Language Vol. 36 (2) 2002.

About the bibliography project
'This bibliography project is an effort to bring together a network of design scholars to select the most relevant bibliographical references for the field of design..'

Read more in the Process Overview

The bibliography
The project consists of selected literature review in three essential areas of design study:
1. Philosophy and Theory of Design
2. Principles and Methods of Design Research
3. Theory and Practice in Design
Annotated Philosophy and Theory of Design Research List
Annotated Principles and Methods of Design Research List
Annotated Theory and Practice in Design Research List

Design Knowledge
Design Council
Explores contemporary design issues, themes and specialisations, each article has a reading list and is available for download in PDF format.

The subject headings will find books about research techniques used in design
design research design methodology architecture research graphic arts research communication research

These subject headings will find books about research techniques and methodology:
qualitative research grounded theory social sciences methodology action research ethnology methodology


Design Issues
Examines design history, theory, and criticism, provokes inquiry into the cultural and intellectual issues surrounding design.

Design Studies
International journal for design research in engineering, architecture, products and systems, includes a calendar with conference listings.

Design Management Review
From the Design Management Institute in Boston, includes articles and case studies about all aspects of design.

Design Philosophy Papers
Australian journal presents new, rigorous and critical thinking in design.

Journal of Design Research
From Delft University of Technology, looks at design process, content and methodology.

From the NextDesign Leadership Institute, for design educators and practicing professionals.

Research in Engineering Design
Publishes research papers on design theory and methodology in all fields of engineering.

Research Issues in Art, Design & Media
Current issues in research methodology and practice in the fields of art, design and media, from the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design.

Visible Language
Research concerning the written language, edited by Sharon Poggenpohl, Professor at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology.

Visual Communication
An interdisciplinary journal covering disciplines dealing with history, theory and practice of visual design and related disciplines.

Working Papers in Art & Design
International peer-reviewed journal for art and design researchers, looking at issues around practice-based research

For more journals, see the subject guides for:
Industrial Design Visual Communication Architecture

[PDF] A Review of the Research Literature on the Influences of ...

[PDF] I. Scholarly Framework 1. Title 2. Thesis Statement 3. Theoretical ...


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