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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

IFM Research Report

IFM Research Report

Olivier Assouly Professor in charge of Research

The objectives of the Research center

The Centre de Recherche de l'Institut Français de la Mode was set up in 2003 with the aim of dealing with fashion and the creative industries in general. The intention is to make the massive changes in this economy, which is now controlled by an invisible flow of images and symbols intelligble to all. Companies today favour immaterial data: that is to say the symbolic or cultural values of a brand, human assets, communication and advertising, aesthetics and imagination. This manifests itself in the hegemony of the imagination, innovation and marketing over the actual use of the product, or even the growing importance of product design over manufacturing.

The IFM's research programmes encompass different sectors and ways of living (fashion, textiles, cosmetics, design and other related consumer sectors). By giving pride of place to publications (in particular our Research report) the objectives of the Centre de Recherche are to produce knowledge and to federate researchers in the area while at the same time acting as an overall observatory of different ways of living. The idea is also to provide an interface between the research carried out at the IFM and potential partners (private industry and both public and private, national and international institutions). The vocation of research, unlike professional training, is not to directly answer the demands of industry, it aims to provide more in-depth and often highly original answers in both the short term and the long term thereby playing a real role in terms of forecasting.

Programme of research for 2004
• A bilingual publication (French and English) each semester : IFM Research ReportThe aim of this publication is to offer a source of information on current research in fashion and the creative industries and to give this supervisory tool a international dimension.

Research Report, n°1 February 2004 (The Immaterial)

Research Report, n°2 June 2004 (Interpreting Luxury) In addition to the usual sections, the second issue will include a special report on luxury goods and luxury in general (report on current and future research in France and abroad, latest publications, notes and lectures, bibliography and interviews).

Research Report, n°3November 2004 (Brands and Society)

• Research Seminar on the theme of the construction of taste September 2004IFM Deciphering how taste is constructed with the collaboration of international social sciences researchers followed by a publication of findings

• Publication of an anthology on taste (from the Renaissance to the present day) November 2004 Collecting a body of literary and scientific work so as to highlight the issues and mutations of taste throughout history

• Publication of a collective work on the theme of luxury (Editions de l'IFM) December 2004 Proposing a historical, cultural and contemporary vision of the issues and themes of luxury. Under the direction of Olivier Assouly

In the Bubble
By John Thackara (MIT Press, April 2005)



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