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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Power of Design

Fastcompany magazine

The Power of Design

Want to innovate? Want to forge lasting connections with customers? Want to outflank competitors? Want to grow? The creative and incisive folks featured in our second annual report on the Masters of Design have a lot to teach you.

Intelligent Design

You don't have to wear black and read pricey journals to get the latest insider thinking from the design world.

Strategy by Design

In order to do a better job of developing, communicating, and pursuing a strategy, the head of Ideo says, you need to learn to think like a designer. Here's his five-point plan for how to make the leap.

Fast Take: Creating a Design-Centric Culture

Few people have had as much experience trying to inculcate design into a traditional corporate culture as Claudia Kotchka, P&G's VP for design innovation and strategy. Here are some of her lessons.

The Case for Design

Steelcase Inc. chief James P. Hackett on design as a competitive advantage, the collaborative shift, and coveting the life of a hotel-desk clerk.

Be the Next Jonathan Ive

Design recruiter RitaSue Siegel divulges what companies want in design executives (think Apple), why collaborative is the new cocky, and how the bottom line is as important as blueprints.

CEOs Toe-dip Into Design
What would Herman Miller do?

See Speak Up here:
AIGA National Conference Focused Session:
Who Will Lead Design In The 21st Century?

Business + Design

ConglomerateBusiness, Law, Economics and Society

Danish DesignCentre

New Skill Sets for Designers

AIGA Design Conference 2005

Core77s Design Blog / Who Drives Design?

Preparing the Next Gen

Thoughts on the Institute of Design Strategy Conference
By Peter Merholz of Adaptive Path.

Design Related Social InnovationDoors of Perception

Managing Design: An Oxymoron for the Ages?
IA Practice Management Knowledge CommunityA Preconvention Workshop
Presented at the AIA 2005 National Convention, Las VegasBy Amy M. Yurko, AIA

IDEO site
Building Innovation Scenarios and Simulations


Managing As Designing Site

Info Design

Design Observer

Global Brain Blog

Usability Works


Paths for Innovators

Design vs. Design Thinking

d.notes/ Another Side of Design

The Growth Experience Blog

Collabor8Cross Cultural Collaborative Design Studies

Design-Management Blog
Everything about design, management and business issues around design

Putting People First BlogExperience design, user experience and innovation

Eye2Eye BlogDiscussing multidisciplinary, cross-cultural design practice, innovation

Functioning Form BlogContext, Consistency,Clarity, Control

TransLearn at Hyperwerk

Forskning og uddannelse



Sam Brodie Blog

FreeGorifero Blog

Progressive Aspects of Design


Link Up Copenhagen

Interaction Design

Perspectives on Design + Strategy
Points of View from the 2005 Institute of Design Strategy Conference
Chris Conley Josephine Green Larry Keeley Donald Norman GK VanPatter Patrick Whitney Institute of Design at IIT Chicago
Download this document as a PDF file

Design Planning Education and the Adaptive EconomyBy Hans Kasper Hugentobler, Human-Centered Innovation ConsultantPresented at the 6th International Conference of the European Academy of DesignUniversity of the ArtsBremen, Germany
Download this document as a PDF file

The Curious Case of Changing ManagementBy Naomi Gornick, Design Management ConsultantPresented at the 6th International Conference of the European Academy of DesignUniversity of the ArtsBremen, Germany
Download this document as a PDF file

Taking Care of Business: A Model for Raising Business Consciousness Among Design StudentsBy Uday Gajendar, Interaction Designer, Oracle Corporation
Download this document as a PDF file

Research Skills As a Basis For Industrial Collaboration In Design EducationBy Nicolas BeuckerFaculty of Art and DesignUniversity of Duisburg-EssenPresented at the International Engineering and Product Design Education Conference Delft, The Netherlands
Download this document as a PDF file

The Role of the Artifact in Participatory Design ResearchBy Birgitte Geert JensenAssistant Professor, Industrial DesignerAarhus School of ArchitectureAarhus, Denmark
Download this document as a PDF file

AskNextD is a new series in which questions submitted by journalists, post-graduate students, and design educators are addressed by the NextD team and shared with readers.

Design 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
Making Sense of Design NowIn August 2005, Mr. Sune Aagaard a writer at Kontrabande, a journalistic consultancy in Denmark submitted eight questions while researching and writing articles for INDEX on "how the methodology of design is affecting innovation processes in organizations".Mr. Sune's articles are scheduled to appear in a special edition of Monday Morning, (published in Copenhagen) about INDEX: and "The design agenda". The magazine is being designed by students from Art Center College of Design in California and will contain approximately ten articles.
Download Design 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 as PDF file

GK VanPatter: The Prepared Mind Podcast
Podcaster Christopher Gee of the Prepared Mind interviews GK Van Patter regarding how the NextD initiative got started, its continuing mission and the need for a new generation of design leadership skills.

GK. VanPatter: The InfoDesign interview
Peter J. Bogaards of InfoDesign interviews GK. VanPatter regarding business innovation, complexity overload and the value that a reinvented design brings to business transformation.


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