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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Professor Bruce Archer (Nov 22 1922--May 16 2005)

Professor Bruce Archer

Professor Bruce Archer, a Mechanical and Design Engineer (IMechE and IED)
who established design as an academic discipline and was highly influential in
the establishment of Design and Technology in the curriculum for all pupils,
died on May 16, 2005 , aged 82.,,60-1630654,00.html


[PDF] Design and Technology Educational Research and Curriculum ...

[PDF] Design/Science/Research: Developing a Discipline

[PDF] Investigating Design: A Review of Forty Years of Design Research ...

[PDF] chapter 1

[PDF] Design Education and Research for the 21st Century Charles L. OWEN ...

[PDF] Learning And Making

[PDF] A new vision in the making

[PDF] Transformations


[PDF] The Model for Architectural Design Education (MADE)

[PDF] Fourth International Conference on Design and Emotion


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