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Saturday, October 01, 2005

IE&PDE Conference Proceeding

The Changing Face of Design Education

Proceedings of the 2nd International Engineering and Product Design Education
September 2-3, 2004
Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands

Editors: Peter Lloyd, Norbert Roozenburg, Chris McMahon, Libby Brodhurst

1. Curriculum Development
2. Philosophies of Design Education
3. Developing Design Expertise
4. Teaching Tools
5. Problem-based Learning
6. Studio-based Design Projects
7. Design Education and the Internet
8. Collaborations 1: Design Education and Industry
9. Collaborations 2: International Connections
10. Specialisations


Peter Lloyd, Norbert Roozenburg, Chris McMahon, Libby Brodhurst [pdf]

Industrial Design Education in the Nineties: The Curriculum Matters
Canan Unlu [pdf]

Design as Inter-disciplinary Knowledge and Practice: Lessons from
the International Design Business Management Programme
Toni-Matti Karjalainen & Markku Salimaki [pdf]

Professionalism and Beyond: Building Competence and Excellence in
Product Design Chris Dowlen and Kevin Edwards [pdf]

Design for Learning: Design and Engineering Education for a Knowledge-based Society
Ilan Chabay [pdf]

Implementation of Modern Aspects in Design Education
Sebastian Schneider & Udo Lindemann [pdf]

Levels of Expertise in Design Education
Kees Dorst & Isabelle Reyman [pdf]

A New Discipline in Design Education: Cognitive Processes in Design
Katja Tschimmel [pdf]

Research Skills as Basis for Industrial Collaboration in Design Education
Nicolas Beucker [pdf]

Educating Interaction, Experience and Diversity
Caroline Hummels [pdf]

Design (Education) Moves
Sietske Klooster, Richard Appleby & Kees Overbeeke [pdf]

Metaphors in the Design Studio: Implications for Education
Hernan Casakin [pdf]

Structural Design Learning by Building Reduced Models
Alaa Mohamed, Michel Drean, Jerome Couden & Jean-Christophe Fauroux [pdf]

Design as a Social Activity and Students' Concept of Design
Martin Grimheden & Soren Andersson [pdf]

The Changing Face of Design Project Education in the Delft Industrial Design
Engineering Curriculum
Remko van der Lugt, Henk Kuipers, Norbert Roozenburg et al [pdf]

A Theoretical Framework for Teaching and Learning of Engineering Design
Methods and Tools
Guy Prudhomme, Daniel Brissaud & Frederic Vignat [pdf]

Motivating Students in Research Oriented Courses in Industrial Design
Oya Demirbilek [pdf]

New Ways to Educate Designers through the Learning of Craft and
New Craft Design in the Creation of Material Culture
Jorge Gil, Deyanira Bedolla & Joaquim Lloveras [pdf]

Visualization in the Design Process: Introducing 2D and 3D Sketching
Techniques to Enhance Creative Thinking and Communication
Eric Anderson & Blaine Lilly [pdf]

Product Appreciation and Aesthetics, Subject Structure
Joaquim Lloveras, Shorn Molokwane, Julio Montoya [pdf]

Educating Automotive Design: A Scientific Approach without Compromising
Tacit Knowledge
Elmer van Grondelle & Matthijs van Dijk [pdf]

Collaborative Design: A Taxonomy of Artifacts and Practices used to Design
a Museum Exhibition
Charlotte Lee [pdf]


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