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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Design Thinking and Business

Global Companies in Local Markets Forum June 13-14, 2002

BusinessWeek / 01 AUG 2005
Get Creative! How to build innovative companies
New design strategies and a fresh cadre of innovation gurus are helping executives build creative corporations. > More

NBC Nightly News / 31 JUL 2005
What a great idea
Inside a design factory making the next must have consumer products. > More

Please find more information on the new ICSID board here
05/10 2005:
Peter Zec becomes president of the world umbrella organisation of design ICSID

Peter Zecgerman design is known around the world for quality standards often associated with the Bauhaus and the HfG Ulm. But what is representative of german design today – how does it combine tradition with concepts for the future? The book features the most important German companies with detailed portraits and current products.

302 pages, English/German, about 400 colour illustrations
Format: 23.0 x 31.0 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Year of publication: 2005
Date of publication: Summer 2005
Price: 64,00 Euro
No. for orders: ISBN: 3-89986-022-5
Example pages (PDF)!

red dot design yearbook 2005/2006
Peter Zec (Ed.)
Presenting one of the most significant and exciting international product design competitions, the red dot award, the Design Innovations Yearbook 2005 is one of the most important trend barometers of contemporary design. Every year in the "red dot award: product design" the most renowned companies, designers and new talents from all over the world submit their product designs to an international jury.The jury's selection is a statement on the best design of the times. The current Yearbook features the winners in all branches of industry. The Design Innovations Yearbook is a long-established, important standard work in the design scene. As an informative work of reference, the "Design Innovations Yearbook 2005 - red dot award: product design" displays current trends in the various branches of industry. It features articles by renowned designers describing the thrilling progress from the idea to the product - a must for all companies, designers, journalists and others who are involved or interested in design. A fascinating report on the current trends in the various branches of industriy.

528 pages, English/German, 830 colour illustrations
Format: 30,0 x 30,0 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Year of publication: 2005
Date of publication: July 2005
Price: 78,00 Euro
No. for orders: ISBN 3-89939-072-5
Example pages (PDF)!

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