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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Creating Value by Design

Creating Value by Design

[PDF] Philips - Creating Value by Design

The Growth and Innovation Framework identified three sectors - biotechnology, creative and information and communications technology (ICT) - for special attention because of the impact they are likely to have on other sectors and their current and potential strengths.

In 2002, four taskforces were set up to look into how best to develop these three sectors. Their role was to highlight bottlenecks and identify ways to remove them. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise co-ordinated the work of the four taskforces, with support from other government agencies.

Because of the diversity of creative industries, two taskforces, Design and Screen Production, were established under the creative industries umbrella.


Government Response to the Taskforce
Media release - October 2003 (PDF, 82KB)
Fact sheet - October 2003 (PDF, 88KB)

Taskforce Final Report
Design Taskforce final report - May 2003 (PDF, 1024KB)
Media release - Success by Design - May 2003 (PDF, 47KB)

Associated Taskforce Reports
Building a case for added value through design - NZIER report, February 2003 (PDF, 456KB)
Design Taskforce research report - by Innovation & Systems, December 2002 (PDF, 945KB)


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