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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Semantic Transform

Semantic Transform
Strategic management of product design is a crucial issue with respect to brand recognition and differentiation. The key question to consider is: How may companies transform their strategic intentions to product design. To approach this question, a qualitative case study approach was used. The case studies of Volvo passenger cars and Nokia mobile phones are briefly discussed in the paper. They illustrate rather different realities and approaches towards strategic brand communication through design. The paper aims to outline the main thematic issues and practices of brand communication through design, as they are relevant to strategic management of new product development.

Designing with the users (in mind) (1,2MB, PPT)

Eniro’s presentation (4.1MB, PPT)
There are two kinds of searches, emotional and rational, according to executive vice president of Eniro Finland, Stefan Anderson. Eniro is the largest directory company in the Nordic countries.

Virtanen’s presentation (5,1MB, PPT)
“Convergence in Mobile Internet Communications” at Mobile Monday Helsinki

Snellman’s presentation (0.86 MB, PDF)
The big change will be that the share of internet and mobile music will grow from under one percent to about 9 percent in 2008.

Mellins’s presentation (0.3 , PPT)
VoIP and WiFi seem to present basis for a perfect marriage, but time is not ready for wedding bells, said Jorma Mellin, a Finnish Internet pioneer and a project director at TDC Song Oy.


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