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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Management Benchmark

Management Benchmark Study

Introduction to the book

Section 1. The Context: Science, Management, and Organizations
· Chapter 1. Concepts Underlying Organizational Effectiveness
· Chapter 2. Science Policy: The Rationale for Public Support

Section 2. Emerging Essentials
· Chapter 3. Strategy (and Decision Analysis)
· Chapter 4. Change Management
· Chapter 5. Knowledge Management
· Chapter 6. Performance Assessment

Section 3. Design
· Chapter 7. Competencies
· Chapter 8. Teams and Project/Program Management
· Chapter 9. Organizational Alliances, Partnerships, and Networks
· Chapter 10. Participative Management and Employee and Stakeholder Involvement

Section 4. Key Attributes for Mobilization and Flexibility
· Chapter 11. Organizational Culture
· Chapter 12. Leadership
· Chapter 13. Organizational Communication
· Chapter 14. Innovation
· Chapter 15. Creativity
· Chapter 16. Scientific Ethics

Section 5. Conclusions
· Chapter 17. Communicating Science


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