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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Creativity in Business

Creativity in Business


[PDF] Enterprise, Social Enterprise and Critical Pedagogy

[PDF] ISM Conference Proceedings - Creative Supply Management Solutions ...

Kenny, Rory: Unlocking the creativity continuum: processes and techniques that generate breakthrough solutions to attain radical business advantage (pdf, 690KB)
with accompanying presentation slides (pdf, 110KB)

2004-2005 Judge Business School

Bandari, Esfandiar: Entrepreneurial leadership and transitions (pdf, 708KB)

Flores, Gabriel: Managing strategic alliances: cooperation through trust and commitment
(pdf, 331KB)

Hayashi, Kenji: Japanese inward investments in Cambridge: analysis of Japanese venture capitals, corporate ventures and Cambridge-based start-ups (pdf, 286KB)

Kedrowski, Ryan: Analyzing player performance in baseball: a sabermetric approach using data envelopment analysis (pdf, 318KB)

Kumar, Jayaraman: Opportunities and challenges for UK new ventures created by emerging wireless technologies (pdf, 661KB)

Liu, Jack: Venture capital in China: status quo and future trends (pdf, 2.52MB)

Lopez, Rodrigo: REITs: a replicable model for Chile? (pdf, 593KB)

Martinotti, Stefano: The CIO as leader of business innovation strategies enabled by disruptive technologies (pdf, 1MB)

Wong, Vincent: Thinking patterns of business professionals: reconciling vertical and lateral thinking through a dilemma theory of creativity (pdf, 1MB)


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