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Monday, October 23, 2006

Learning 2006

  • Learning 2006
    The Learning Event for Learning Professionals
    Learning 2006 - Free PodCasts & Video

    l Ken Blanchard on Leadership: Podcast, Audio & Transcript
    MP3 File
    To read the text transcript of this interview, click here for the PDF file.

  • l Mind Mapping: Productivity and Collaboration
    CEO of Mindjet Corporation Robert Gordon discusses the theory of mind mapping as a means to making people's thought processes more productive. The maps are a way of both recording and storing information as well as evolving information during a design process. Mindjet's software's compatibility with Microsoft programs like PowerPoint and Word make it extremely efficient.
    MP3 File
    To read the text transcript of this interview, click here for the PDF file.

Click here to download the complete 84 page Program Guide to start your Learning 2006 experience planning.

You and your team members are invited to participate in Learning 2006, a unique event focused on the challenge of Learning in a "Flatter" World.
Hosted by our Learning CONSORTIUM and co-hosted by ASTD, this event is designed to "walk the talk" of new approaches to learning. Our Content, Activities, Technologies, Social Networks and Learning Processes are active and dynamic examples of how learning is evolving.

Theme: Learning in a Flatter World - Faster, Flexible, Global, Informal, Compliance, Impact

Content: Compliance, Competencies, Content Management, Pod Casting, LMS & LCMS Effectiveness, Rapid Learning Design, Evaluation & Metrics, The Business of Learning, NextGen Workers, e-Learning Excellence, Human Capital Management, Informal Learning, Classroom Revitalized, Learning Outsourcing, Retention, On-Boarding, Talent Management, Learning Careers, The Wisdom of the Crowds (Blogs & Wikis), Performance Support, Shared Services, ROI & Impact Objectives, Strategy and Business Alignment.


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