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Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Three thematic components of this design conference – disaster, discourse and disorder – indicate three interrelated but relatively autonomous fields that highlight various aspects related to contemporary issues in design.
Design discourse involves the current language of design, i.e., the terms with which we conceptualize and talk about design. Design management, design research and current issues in design are some of the specific topics that can be addressed within this framework. This area of the conference includes presentations that seek to go beyond the over-asked question of “what is design?” and advocate a re-appraisal of accepted design conventions.
Definitions of design include such terms as plan, purpose, intention and function, besides others such as artistry and creativity that take central importance in definitions of art. Plan, purpose, intention and function are concepts related to predictability and hence systematic thinking. Systematic thinking in turn is related to order. Design brings order to the relationship between us, and the objects that we use, see, and perceive. Order, on the other hand, suggests a straightening out so as to eliminate confusion. The function of design then, is to eliminate disorder, i.e., confusion, chaos, unpredictability.

The relationship between discourse, disaster, disorder and design calls for multi-disciplinary approaches and can be addressed from a variety of diverse theoretical perspectives such as science, metaphysics, phenomenology, post-structuralism, feminist and psychoanalytical theories, anthropology, evolutionary approaches, management, etc. Papers are invited to address contemporary or historical situations from clearly stated research experiences.

The role/position of design will be particularly scrutinized from the point of view of:
Design Research
Design and everyday life
Images and representation
New materials and methods
Design Management
Emergency Design
What can design do for physical and mental disorders: Dysfunctional bodies, schizophrenia, hysteria etc.
How can design contribute to the end of social disorders: War, vandalism, crime, epidemics etc.
How can design counteract virtual disorders: Viruses, hacking, fake identities etc.
How can design prevent societal collapse?
Nature as a disastrous phenomenon
Nature and its modifications
Design against disaster
Natural disasters: Earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, tsunamis etc.
Design Disaster

[PDF] ead06 schedule20050324.indd


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