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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Interaction IVREA

Interaction IVREA

[PDF] Applying Design Knowledge to Create Innovative Business Opportunities


18 Feb 2003 John Foot (UK)
LecturerUniversity College London
"Milan since the Miracle"

28 Jan 2003 Lavrans Løvlie (UK)
PartnerLiveWork service design
"Service innovation and design"

30 Jan 2003 John Maeda (USA)
ProfessorMIT Media Lab
"What are computers good for?"

22 Jan 2003 Ranjit Makkuni (India)
DirectorSacred World Foundation
"Reversing the digital divide"

13 Feb 2003 Mario Mattioda (Italy)
MiLàNo Interaction Design
"Analysing Interaction Design"

22 Nov 2003 Irene Mavrommati (Greece)
Computer Technology Institute
"The Disappearing Computer Initiative"

17 Feb 2003Jay Melican (USA)
Researcher IIT
"Anthropology for Designers"

31 Jan 2003 Stefano Mirti (Italy)
Associate Professor Interaction-Ivrea
"Reflections about architecture and technology"

3 Feb 2003 Nathan Shedroff (USA)
Interaction Design Consultant
"Interaction design is like a good party"

17 Feb 2003 Jan-Christoph Zoels (Germany)
Senior Associate Professor Interaction-Ivrea
"Designing for the User"


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