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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What is Industrial Design?

What is Industrial Design?

[PDF] Comprehensive Description of Industrial Design

[PDF] Industrial Design0702.qxd

[PDF] CIPO Industrial Design English Guide 2002
[PDF] Industrial Designs in Canada

[PDF] Incorporating End-of-Life Strategy in Product Definition

[PDF] Industrial Design to Experience Design: Searching for New Common Ground

[PDF] The Definition of Cultural Industries

[PDF] Definition of Craft Products

[PDF] Why Research-oriented Design Isn’t Design-oriented Research

[PDF] Motorola Recruiting Announcement

[PDF] Industrial Strength Design: How Brooks Stevens Shaped Your World

[PDF] Industrial Design IED Milano
[PDF] IED Design

[PDF] Design for Manufacturing

[PDF] The new Industrial Design program and faculty in Eindhoven

[PDF] car interior motives conference 2005

[PDF] Industrial Design
An Online Knowledge Gateway for Industrial Design Education
and Research Activities

[PDF] Industrial Design and Innovation Theory
Einführung in die Ergonomie für Industrial Design
Richard Saul Wurman: The InfoDesign interview

[PDF] The five courses described below represent the core of the Design ...

[PDF] Design Industry Scoping Review

[PDF] Design and Semiotics

What is Interaction Design?

Dan Saffer has posted a pretty good Definition of Interaction Design.
For the first time he calls out the critical issues that surround the Interaction Design practice. Namely, interaction design is "not about the interaction with a product (that's industrial design) or interaction with a computer (that's human-computer interaction)" ...or HCI/CHI as I call it. "It's about making connections between people" ...but isn't that Experience Design? Interaction Design is facing some similar problems that Information Architecture used to face (and perhaps still does to some degree): a clear definition and isolated or unified field of study.

The Relationship of ID to IA as Told Through Products (PDF).

[PDF] Design-oriented Human—Computer Interaction

[PDF] Visual Noise in Product Design: Problems + Solutions

[PDF] The Sociological Rationale of the Industrial Design Curriculum

[PDF] Design as Tool for Cognitive Metabolism



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