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Sunday, November 27, 2005

FastCompany - Innovation

FastCompany – Innovation

1 Designing Innovation
by Jennifer Reingold May 2005

In this extended edited interview transcript, Procter & Gamble CEO
A.G. Lafley expands on why design is important, how to incorporate it into your organization, and the value of partnerships.

2 Fast Track Leadership Survey
by Our Staff February 2005

3 ... s So Smart...Steve Jobs, Apple, and the Limits of Innovation
by Carleen Hawn January 2004

The battle over digital music is just another verse in Apple's sad song: This astonishingly imaginative company keeps getting muscled out of markets it creates. So what does Apple have to tell us about innovation?

4 Excerpt: In the Bubble
by Our Staff March 2005

5 Feedback
by Fast Company Staff August 2005

Letters. Updates. Advice.

6 A Jones for Design
by Chuck Salter May 2005

Whirlpool's design chief Chuck Jones talks to Fast Company about the business case for smart design, the benefits of making customers squirm, and bringing emotion to an emotionless product -- a washing machine.

7 Fast Talk: The Innovation Conversation
by Polly LaBarre and Alan M. Webber, moderators July 2001

Start with a conversation. Bring together 10 forward-looking business leaders -- visionaries in technology, video games, retail, hospitality, finance, and design. Add pressure and limit time to 90 minutes. What do you get? Instant innovation!

8 The Best Things in Life Are Free
by Seth Godin June 2004

In an excerpt from his new book, Free Prize Inside!, Seth Godin shows how anyone can champion new ideas.

9 Fast Company The Best Things in Life Are Free
by Our Staff June 2004

10 Masters of Design
by Fast Company May 2005

Want to innovate? Want to forge lasting connections with customers? Want to outflank competitors? Want to grow? The creative and incisive folks featured in our second annual report on the Masters of Design have a lot to teach you.

11 More from the Mentors to the Masters
by Fast Company Staff June 2005

Design ideas and insights from the six-person, all-star jury -- drawn from academia, business, and design -- who helped select this year's masters.

12 The Masters of Design
by Fast Company Staff June 2005

If you're leading a team or mapping out a strategy -- if you're trying to solve a problem -- you're engaging in design. And the creative folks featured in our second annual celebration of design's best and brightest have a lot to teach you.
13 Design Resource Center
by Peter Lawrence October 2005

14 The Proto Project
by Michael Schrage May 1999

To learn how to innovate, learn how to prototype. Here's how Microsoft and Boeing make their projects go Wow!

15 What P&G Knows About the Power of Design
by Jennifer Reingold June 2005

Your products run for election every day, says Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley. And good design is critical to winning the campaign.

16 They Have a Better Idea ... Do You?
by Anna Muoio August/September 1997

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17 Strategy by Design
by Tim Brown June 2005

In order to do a better job of developing, communicating, and pursuing a strategy, the head of Ideo says, you need to learn to think like a designer. Here's his five-point plan for how to make the leap.

18 Innovation Now!
by Gary Hamel December 2002

Conventional wisdom says to get back to basics. Conventional wisdom says to cut costs. Conventional wisdom is doomed. The winners are the innovators who are making bold thinking an everyday part of doing business.

19 Whirlpool Finds Its Cool
by Chuck Salter June 2005

To understand what good design can do for the bottom line, check out how Chuck Jones has revved up the sleepy, boring world of refrigerators and washers.

20 The Interpreter
by Jennifer Reingold June 2005

Claudia Kotchka glides from the design world to the business world and back with ease. Now she has to teach 110,000 employees at Procter & Gamble to do the same thing.

21 Design to Improve Life
by Peter Lawrence October 2005

Can innovative design ideas help people all over the world? These award-winning projects from the INDEX:2005 summit may just do so.

22 Calling for a Renewable Future
by Ian Wylie May 2003

How Nokia has tackled the ultimate creative act: building innovation into the company's culture.

23 Masters of Design
by Bill Breen June 2004

No matter what you do for a living, design matters. Meet and learn from 20 visionary men and women who are using design to create not just new products, but new ways of working, leading, and seeing.

24 The 25 Top Jobs for 2005
by Matt Quinn January 2005

What are the best jobs to pursue for the next five years? Fast Company draws on the work of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and an innovation expert to tap the top jobs.

25 Here's an Idea!
by Jill Rosenfeld April 2000

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