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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Philips Design

Philips Design

[PDF] Innovating innovation

Exploring The Great Transition
The Stockholm Environment Institute and the Global Scenarios Group, an international initiative in alternative futures, have jointly published a truly wonderful ebook on global sustainability. "The Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead" (pdf) is an articulate, thoughtful and well-researched look at all of the dimensions of sustainability and alternative scenarios for global development and collapse. Best of all, the whole text is available online. This is a quick, but very provocative read.

Design - Key factor for success (2004)
Stefano Marzano, CEO and Chief Creative Director addresses the German Marketing Association in Hamburg.

The Culture of Ambient Intelligence (2001)
Questions, questions, questions Artificial intelligence, Ambient Intelligence... they are terms that trigger the imagination - and, at the same time, call up all sorts of questions in people's minds. What is it? What will it do? How will it do it? What will it look like? How intelligent will it be? Can I keep control, or will it take over? When will it be available? And do I want it, anyway? All very human questions - which come down to "What will be the relationship between this intelligence and me?"

Let us begin (2002)
Stefano Marzano CEO & Chief Creative Director, Philips Design Diversity a problem? We are here to consider the "collide-o-scope": a mosaic of colliding cultures, diversities, attitudes, interests and beliefs. But diversity itself is not a problem. On the contrary, it is a great treasure. The problem is our attitude to it.

Brand fascination: New challenges for brand design and brand maintenance (2000)
Today, at least in the richer parts of the world, we, as consumers, are royalty. Like kings or queens (or billionaires), we can choose from an incredible array of options.


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