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Monday, October 24, 2005

Appliance Design

Appliance Design

2AD: The Second International Conference on Appliance Design 2004

Aging by Design 2004
Eye Tracking in User Experience Testing:
How to Make the Most of It
Presented by Aga Bojko at the UPA 2005 Conference

As eye tracking technology becomes more precise, affordable, and unobtrusive, its popularity continues to increase among usability practitioners. This paper introduces eye tracking as a user experience testing tool. It focuses on how to design and conduct studies involving eye tracking, so that eye movement data can effectively supplement data obtained through more conventional methods. Using examples from actual studies, we share lessons learned and provide advice on how to avoid common mistakes.
Proceedings paper (pdf - 1.3 MB)
Presentation slides (pdf - 840 KB)
Handout (pdf - 110 KB)
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Product Design Conference, Jewellery Design Symposium,
Product Design Workshop and Jewellery Design Workshop.
Participatory Design Conference - 2004

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